Zara received an offer hands and hearts

Зара получила предложение руки и сердца
The man decided to call the artist with two children married.


Photo: @zara_music Instagram of the Singer Zara

Singer Zara talked about the fact that it pursues a man. Fortunately, a mysterious admirer solely good intentions: he’s “head over heels” in love with her and wants to marry her. Recently the singer received from him in the Network offer hands and hearts. Of course, Zara did not give consent. For security purposes, she did not answer a single message fan. But I read every single message in love with her driver.

“I wrote one driver for a long time, probably about a year already. He actually offers me his hand and heart and such, texting is writing! He reviewed all of my interview and already knows what I need a man in life. And believes it should be him — confessed Zara. — He continues to write, despite the fact that I do not answer!”

The fan behaves quite rationally not pursue the artist at concerts and not on duty at the entrance. Zara admits that flattered at the attention. She, by the way, does not bother profession admirer. However, to get acquainted in a Network, the singer is still afraid. During the interview she was amazed to discover that “potential suitor” shows the persistence, as it sees that Zara is reading his messages (messages marked as “read”). On hearing this, she became shy and he promised them not to read, nothing to reassure a man in love. We will remind, Zara grows up two sons: seven-year-old Daniel and five year old Maxim from the marriage with Sergei Ivanov.

By the way, if Zara doesn’t trust online Dating, Victoria Daineko, on the contrary, after the divorce, looking for love on the social networks. A young working mother desperately short of time for Dating in real life.