Zara prepares to meet girls sons

Зара готовится познакомиться с девушками сыновей The singer told that boys grow up to be real gentlemen, always complimenting famous mother, kiss her hand when meeting and give advice when she chooses an outfit for the stage performance.
Зара готовится познакомиться с девушками сыновей

Zara has two sons. The actress said that his own example shows the heirs, how to behave. The boys watch the girls and asking her famous mother to buy for their sweethearts gifts.

“Despite the fact that a senior studying in the first grade and the younger in prep school, they are already talking about girls”. Not long ago, the eldest son came to me and said that I need to buy one of the classmates beads. I asked him: “Son, not too early?” and he said, “That’s baby beads!” – said the singer.

According to Zerah, the sons are engaged in different kinds of sports: hockey, swimming and Taekwondo master. The actress is confident that the lessons teach children discipline.

“The boys open doors for me, to kiss your hand. Don’t know who taught them, but it looks heartwarming and very touching. When I’m preparing for a concert, they see I wear beautiful dresses, and say: “Mom, you’re a mermaid! A real Princess!”. Children are often complimenting me, and I in turn consult with them, what hairstyle to do. I grow real gentlemen. Of course, I try to be strict mother, otherwise we will not achieve them success in the future”, – said the singer.

Zara stressed that it is important to cultivate children’s diligence. However, the singer admits that a strict mother. “I have always advocated a result — in education, in sports and even in some detail. Learned the lessons, we had a good workout, productive studying a foreign language — seemingly small, but very significant success that will bear the right fruits,” shared the actress.

The actress stressed that does not punish sons. Zara and husband just starting to say otherwise with the heirs and boys themselves admit guilt. “Children got used to the fact that if we talk to them a little easier, they are already upset. I was a child also only one opinion of the parents knew it was wrong,” said the singer.

The singer has told, that already takes with him to the concerts of the heirs. The boys watch as the team works their stellar mom. “In these moments, I remember my childhood — from an early age parents took me and my brother at the adults’ table, that we may see, the behavior of the older generation communicates. Everyone in my family is similar — the boys are reading a toast along with everyone,” said Zara.

The singer admitted in an interview “” that will always support the sons in all. “If you love something, find like-minded people — so it will be much easier to implement our plans”, – said the artist.