Зара готова принять в семью невестку-иностранку The singer drew attention to the cravings of a son to the culture of China. Zara has two boys who amaze her with their talents. For the sake of children she is ready for everything. For their sake, it even adjusts the schedule of performances, if you know what deprive their attention.

Singer Zara has two sons – seven-year old Daniel and five-year Maxim. She Dotes on the boys and tries to do everything to have a happy childhood. Despite a very busy schedule, the actress finds time to spend time with heirs.

Zara admires the fact that boys have their Hobbies, where they are making progress. My youngest son showed the ability to foreign languages. The singer does not exclude that in the future, he will choose as a bride a girl of a different culture. Zara prepares to meet girls sons

“He read fluently with three and a half years. Now fluent in English and French. Not so long ago became interested in Chinese, imbued with this culture, wants to go to Beijing. Fell in love with his Chinese teacher, I have already prepared – maybe my sister-in-law is Chinese,” jokes the actress.

The singer also noticed that children do not gravitate to the scene. The actress recalls that at their age could not do without music. According to her, the children love that their mom sings, but they do not aim to develop vocal skills. Zara insists that the boys have given this art form a lot of time and focused on other Hobbies. Seven-year-old Daniel recently surprised her delicious dishes.

“Danka, senior, lately enjoys cooking, he finds the Internet interesting recipes. We have learned to do at home candy “Cow”, by the way, it turns out very tasty!” the singer admitted.

Zahra said that, despite a tight schedule, she still devotes the winter holidays to children. She assumes that, most likely, they will go to the mountain, as the boys love to ski. The artist does not hide that for the sake of kids willing to sacrifice career. Despite the fact that many celebrities often make job offers to the detriment of family happiness, Zara, on the contrary, may cancel the concerts and performances in order to be next to her sons at the right time.

Recall that in 2016, the singer broke up with her husband Sergei Ivanov. She does not hide that wants to meet the person you can trust. Zara admitted in an interview with the magazine Hello!, they did not agree to leave a career for him.

“My feet and understand who would like to see. I think in my life will appear a man who will put me in such conditions – it was either him or my profession”, – said the artist.