Zara got on a drip due to exhaustion

Зара попала под капельницу из-за истощения

She does not take care of themselves. After a speech at the anniversary of the composer Eugen Doga popular singer Zara has hit on a drip. She spoke about it on his page in the social network, adding that it’s time to take care of their own vacation.

“Thank you, my family, for their support and good wishes! Realized that I don’t iron man and should rest more. However, the work is not expected” — wrote the artist.
Despite bitter experience and exhaustion, due to which some time the Dawn will have to spend on a drip, to speak in the near future she has plans.
By the way, not so long ago, speaking in St. Petersburg, Zara so emotionally reacted to the response that even began to cry. During the performance the artist of the song “Leningrad” fans held up signs with hearts.