Zara admitted that she is to blame for the collapse of his family life

Зара призналась, что она сама виновата в крахе своей семейной жизни
The singer openly spoke about why her marriage collapsed.

Zara children

Photo: @zara_music Instagram Zara

Zara for the first time openly spoke about how marriage came to divorce with her husband, Sergei Ivanov. That couple broke up, it became known this summer. This event became for many fellow stars on stage and fans of the singer a real shock. Because no husband of the actress, not very Zara never suspected infidelity. And serious relationship problems with her husband singer never spread.

As it turned out, the divorce from her husband of Zara blames… himself. By her own admission, their marriage collapsed due to the fact that the couple for eight years, became each other is not interesting. The singer was so absorbed by socializing and raising children and their careers, gradually, the relationship with her husband and departed for her second. This has become a major issue in family life of the artist.

“The easiest way now would be to shift the responsibility to the former spouse. But I tend to look for the cause in itself. Probably, the main problem is that I am by nature a perfectionist. I want to have a perfect family. As it turned out, we with Sergey too has different ideas about the ideal”, — quotes Zara Ok.

Now former spouses maintain a friendly relationship and try to make the divorce not much impact on their children: Daniel and Maxim.