Zara about the plane crash in Sochi: “If necessary, will fly again!”

Зара о крушении самолета в Сочи: «Если потребуется, полечу снова!»
The stars of show business shocked by the sudden tragedy.

Stars of the Russian show-business were deeply shocked by the plane crash near Sochi, which was 93 people. In addition to journalists, servicemen and crew on Board were almost all the members of the choir. Alexandrov flying to Syria with new year’s speech to military personnel. The death of colleagues shocked many artists, who by his own admission, too, often fly this flight and was familiar with the dead.

“My mother, the soul cries and flips, I myself flew to Latakia same Board to support our guys on the base Hamim. And if need be, will fly again, the two deaths will not happen… Deeply saddened and will always be together with the families of dead artists, they were and will remain our pride!” — shared the singer Zara.

“The horror! Just shock and tears! Killed almost the entire staff of the Alexandrov ensemble ! Conductor, journalists… We are, by profession, I fly almost every day, and every day risk! The horror… can’t believe… Condolences to all the families of the victims…” — wrote in the microblog Sergey Lazarev.

“Almost all who were on Board knew personally… Working with all… With Valery Khalilov friends… I flew on this plane…” — said Alexander Oleshko.

“Condolences to the families of the victims! Scary! November 12, I with actors of my theatre, flew on this plane in Syria — the concert for our troops!” — said Vladimir Vinokur.