Zapashny has suffered from tigress in the filming of the series

Запашный пострадал от тигрицы на съемках сериала

The trainer played a cameo role of the operator in the series “Margarita Nazarova” and became the only actor in the film group, victims of animal…

April 18 on channel launched the Premier of the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” about the famous Soviet circus artist and animal trainer tigers.

Shooting, as one would expect, took place in rather extreme conditions: the actors had to perform complex circus tricks and interact with the animals. Fortunately, no unexpected and dangerous moments during the operation happened, not counting the incident that happened with Askold Zapashny…

During one scene, the character of Askold zapashnogo had to escape from the tigress Shakira. All would have gone well if the tigress was not in character in all seriousness… When the trainer ran, she caught up to his master and hit him with their sharp claws. As a result, the Askold remained seven scars.

In addition to Shakira’s favorite tiger Margarita Nazarova has played four more striped animal: Ozi, Justin, Anita and Elton.

The main role in the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” played by Olga Pogodina. According to her, the role was given to her hard, but gave an incredible feeling of joy and satisfaction.

“If you only knew what an incredible feeling to realize that you can do it that tigers interact with you. More satisfaction, excitement I have not repeated! — said Olga Pogodina in an interview with “Antenna – Telesem”. — First time entered the cage to a tiger Martin eight years ago and realized that I liked it in some strange way. Then Edgar Zapashny many thought we would make this interesting. And eventually came to us for such a Grand work as the picture is about a famous animal trainer Nazarova. I even imagined that I would venture it to be! It’s not clear to all profession – accountant, computer programmer, journalist”.

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