Zadornov comes after the attack at the concert

Задорнов приходит в себя после приступа на концерте

The comedian was taken away in an ambulance with Saturday’s concert in the Moscow Palace of culture “Meridian”.

In October, Michael Zazornogo fell a lot of testing. The comedian found out he had cancer. To hide from the fans of the showman did not and just explained why compelled to cancel some concerts.

But Saturday night on the stage of DK “Meridian” did not cancel, despite doctors ‘ orders. In the end, 68-year-old actor could not stand the burden and he became ill during a speech. For Mikhail Nikolayevich immediately called an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

According to some reports, he suffered an epileptic seizure. However, according to the friends of Mikhail, is he now not in the hospital and in a sanatorium, where the treatment.

In the official group of the actor in the social network also says that he passes the examination in a sanatorium.

“Stop panicking! Yes, quite seriously. But not a disaster. Nikolayevich is not in the hospital and in the sanatorium. Professionals do it the best. So let’s hope that all will be well. Well, then, we are all adults and know that everything always depends on the person. A Nikolaitch fighter,” said the administrators of the community.

Previously, the artist has repeatedly stated that he likes to have an extraordinary experience of Russian doctors.

“I really like our specialists speaking Russian, it is logical. Our doctors heart. The West is a Protocol. “Yeah, you like this picture, then you make a cut, then the blood will go.” And the Russians gathered a Council, consulted and made a logical decision. It will be hard, I understand. But you have to pass” – not once noticed humorist.

We will remind, the terrible illness of the artist became known in October.

“Yes, the treatment will be hard and long. And therefore many of the concerts are canceled. In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on different kind of side hustle. There’s some Hvorostovsky done! Doing everything right! The doctors I have quite decent and from a professional point of view, and human” – said Zadornov on his page in the social network.