Зак Снайдер оставил съёмки «Лиги справедливости» из-за самоубийства дочери

Film Director Zack Snyder has placed priorities in life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker stops work on the film “justice League”. The reason for this was the death of his twenty year old daughter, who committed suicide.

The Director stated that he was not going to betray the tragedy of publicity and at first was sure that cope with befallen him and his family in grief, but now he can’t continue filming and prefers “to stay with the family and children who are in need” it.
“This job has very high demands, it is all-consuming. I wanted to go to her head, to be forgotten, but in the last two months I came to the conclusion that will leave the post of Director and stay with my family, with my children who need me. It is difficult for them. It’s hard for me,” said Zach.
Resigns Zack and wife Deborah Snyder, which was the producer of the film. Toby Emmerich, Director of Warner Bros. Pictures were sympathetic to the desire of the spouses. To finalize the film will be Joss Whedon.
Film premiere is planned for November 17. The release date of the picture will not transfer.
Recall that in the action movie about superheroes appears Gal gadot, Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa.