Зак Эфрон подтвердил, что он «пришел в норму» после того, как его срочно отправили в больницу

Зак Эфрон подтвердил, что он «пришел в норму» после того, как его срочно отправили в больницу

Zac Efron was filming a documentary when he was sick, and he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection just a few days before Christmas. But now everything’s fine, the actor confirmed that he is back home and feeling much better.

Zac Efron got seriously ill during the Christmas holidays, and some reports said that the situation was between “life or death”. 32-year-old hunk was working on the creation of his documentary “Kill Zac Efron” in Papua New Guinea, when he began to have symptoms of “abdominal bacterial infections” according to the report, the news Agency The Sunday Telegraph. The music star was brought from Papua New Guinea to Brisbane, Australia, where he received the necessary help in the military memorial of St Andrews in spring hill. Having come into a stable state, Zach a few days treated in hospital, and on 24 December, the doctor allowed him to fly home to the United States.

Зак Эфрон подтвердил, что он «пришел в норму» после того, как его срочно отправили в больницу
Though doctors could not confirm that he had seen Zach, Dr. Glenn Mackay, who is the Director of care services, the organization that coordinated an emergency flight of Zak, said that they took the citizen of the United States at the age of 30 years old from PNG to Brisbane for medical care in Australia. It is believed that the actor suffered from Salmonella, which is a bacterial disease that you can get through contaminated water or food. That is particularly prevalent in third world countries. The symptoms are similar to flu and may include headache, abdominal pain, and fever, and the infection is usually treated with antibiotics over a long period of time. Certain types of Salmonella can be prevented by vaccine, but they can also be deadly.
Zach went to Papua New Guinea in early December to begin production of its new documentary film, in which he spent 21 days out from the network to distant locations. “I strive to Excel in extreme circumstances and to seek opportunities that challenge me on every level,” says Zac about the release of the series which will be available in the not-yet-released platform Quibi. “I’m excited to explore any uncharted territory and find out what unexpected adventures await!”

Fans immediately began to worry about the status of Zach. “Glad you’re so much better, didn’t even know that you’re sick. Glad to hear that you feel much better :);) I wish you much health and happiness in the coming year,” wrote one of his fans on Twitter and wrote: “Praying for @ZacEfron, he was able to quickly recover.”
Zack explained everything that he feels much better! “I am very grateful to everyone who lent a hand,” he added on Saturday, December 29, under the photo in Instagram. “I got sick in Papua New Guinea, but quickly recovered and finished an amazing 3 weeks in P. N. G. I’m home for the Christmas holidays with my family and loved ones. Thank you for all your love and care, see you in 2020!”

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