Zac Efron broke up with Sami Miro

Зак Эфрон расстался с Сэми Миро

After two years of relationship, actor Zac Efron broke up with his girlfriend model Sami miró. As proof of the Western media mention the fact that the artist deleted all their shared photos on their pages in social networks and unsubscribed from her page.

Neither Zach or Sammy not comment on their breakup, so we can only guess about the true reasons for their disagreements.
At the moment, Efron spends almost all the time on the set of the remake of the TV series “Baywatch” where he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kelly Rohrbach, Priyankaa Chopra, Alexandra Daddario and others.
Miro was spotted at the Coachella festival in California alone, but then anybody also could not think that their relationship Zach has come hard times. The couple never commented on their romance, only once in an interview the model admitted that her relationship with Efron very different from what she had before. The reasons for the separation, neither Zach nor his representative are not reported.

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