Yusif Eyvazov about the “special” child of Anna Netrebko: “Thiago is my son!»

Юсиф Эйвазов об «особенном» ребенке Анны Нетребко: «Тьяго — мой сын!»
The couple gave the most candid interview about his personal life.

Anna Netrebko with son Tiago and Yusif Eyvazov

Photo: @anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Instagram

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov recently gave the TV channel “Culture” the most candid interview about his personal life. Recently, the couple became the heroes of the program “2Верник2”. Conversation with old friends emancipated usually secretive stars in a bold conversation

Anna and Yusif — an amazing couple: so different and so similar to each other. Both overcame difficult road to success and showed strength of character on the way to the dream. It may seem Netrebko and Eyvazov little that connects. This can be seen in the domestic details: they have opposite preferences in food, they like to maintain different temperatures in the house and even to warm up before performances spend different amounts of time (after half an hour, and Anna is 15 minutes). The same applies to more global issues. Yusif is a romantic and loves conversations “heart to heart”. Anna is more “down to earth”: not recognized her husband in love and does not require him romantic exploits. When Anna was already a star of world renown, Yusif took the first steps in the Opera… But contrary to the logic of the couple together, happy, and have no idea what can separate them.

Spouses do everything together: work and raising a nine-year-old Thiago. “Special” son Netrebko, born in the relationship diva with Erwin Schrott, Yusif considers “his”. “Anna was left alone with this trouble, not knowing quite how to live with it. Not knowing which side to approach the child, who had serious problems. Today, after six years, we talk, we talk… He is now a completely different child. But in that moment when the baby is freaking out and they did not know why… And there is no one near to help… It is a terrible thing. Thiago is my child. I can’t imagine how it could be different. He gave me a lot of things, without even knowing it. He gave me a lot of love, helped me understand things about life, about family, about responsibility,” says Yousif.

Netrebko is sure that appearance in her life Eyvazov did Thiago really happy. “He felt that he was in the family that we love. Now he went to a regular school in Vienna, where they learn in one class of 22 students”, — said Anna. With the future son, the actress have already decided. Thiago will not go in the footsteps of the moms and dads and will become a regular tractor. “Someone has to raise in the country agriculture?”says Netrebko.