Юрий Соломин отрекся от семьи покойного брата For a long time around the brothers Solominic it was rumoured, they say, actors are in no hurry to communicate with each other because of envy. Yuri Solomin, for a long time, preferring to keep quiet about it, told why at this time does not communicate with the family of the deceased brother.
Юрий Соломин отрекся от семьи покойного брата

People’s artist of Russia Vitaly Solomin was not 16 years ago. At the time of death, the actor was 60 years old. In the last days of life Solomin did not communicate with his brother, Yuri. Many believed that Yuri Vitaly mefodyevich was jealous, jealous of his success. What can we say: many fans were both men, but women are in the majority still preferred to Vitaly Solomin, loving light for nature, cheerfulness and charm.

Eldest grandson Vitaly Mefodyevich was a kid, when my grandfather died, but the guy remembers him. Cyril followed in the footsteps of a famous relative, but he went out with him in the past on the stage of the Maly theater.

Yuri Solomin explained why he refused to play on the same stage with brother

At this time Cyril does not communicate with the grandfather’s brother, Yuri Solomin, and doesn’t even know how he and his family fared.

“I saw him in person twice, and no I didn’t know him, nor he me. Then it became clear that it was the grandfather’s brother, but communicate we did not have any”, – said Kirill.
Юрий Соломин отрекся от семьи покойного брата

At the time of the family of the brothers were together, but later they stopped to chat. Yuri mefodyevich admitted that he and his brother ripped otnosheniyami the death of his mother, Zinaida Ananievna, which in their family was the connecting link. The woman was invited Vitaly, Yuri and their families on all the holidays, but with it, alas, did not, and this good tradition.

“They talked, when grandmother was alive. Went to each other’s homes, Yura came to us, one with a family”, – said Vitaly Solomin daughter, Elizabeth.
Юрий Соломин отрекся от семьи покойного брата

Yuri mefodyevich denied the rumors that he and his brother were jealous of each other. According to the actor, there was nothing to envy. In fact, each of the brothers was a successful artist, each of them was strong in their field: for example, Vitaly Solomin was perfectly able to transform into comedic characters, and Yuri – in the drama.

“Vitaly – he is a serious person. When he said something serious, always thought that accepts the “Blizzard” deliberately. This willingness to smile, she gave him a certain charm and charisma. His elder brother actor drama, his Comedy more difficult,” – said the film Director Andrei Konchalovsky.