Yury Nikolaev has built a luxury gazebo in the suburban area

Юрию Николаеву построили роскошную беседку на загородном участке Famous TV sprung a surprise. The program “a Perfect repair” erected in the suburban area Yury Nikolaev is a huge gazebo where you will be able to gather relatives and friends of the artist. In addition, the celebrity has told us how he spends time at the cottage and why sports.
Юрию Николаеву построили роскошную беседку на загородном участке

Yuri Nikolaev, has become the protagonist of the next edition of “a Perfect repair”, telling about the relationship with his wife and arranging a tour of a country house in the Istra region. The famous TV presenter lives in a cottage with a large plot of land. When the journalist Natalia Barbier came to visit him, he enjoyed the tour.

The professionals who are engaged in finishing HOMESTEAD areas, promised to make the artist a small gazebo, as well as Refine his tennis court. Nikolaev often arrives in town with his wife Eleanor. According to the host of the popular program “Morning mail”, they live in perfect harmony, and he introduces her to the sport.

 Yuri Nikolaev about his illness: “I’m scared”.

“My wife and I have been together for 42 years, and we have a lot of common interests”, – shares the secrets of family happiness Yuri.
Юрию Николаеву построили роскошную беседку на загородном участке

Many colleagues voshischayutsya Nikolayev. His friend Sergey Mazaev says that, despite health problems, Yuri takes the rest of a positive example.

“He is a little sick, but spreading some kind of health”, – said the musician.

Nikolaev said that for many years, is an avid tennis fan. In the 90s he even ran around the court with Vlad Listyev. According to the presenter, a friend of his was quickly carried away by the party and fought to the last for victory. The stars of the “First channel” to communicate with families, and Yuri grieved at the death of a friend.

Close Vlad Listyev started talking about the tragedy after 21 years

Many years ago Nikolaev was diagnosed with the tumor, so the artist is vetted regularly. Nikolaev says that sport helps him stay healthy. Together with his wife he is a skier, and with friends to play Billiards. When Yuri leaves the country, he necessarily takes the racket in his hands.

“First, I don’t force myself in lots of tennis, and secondly, it is a pleasure. We play in pairs, two by two,” – says Yuri about the passion.

Host of the “Perfect repair” is appreciated not only the territory of Nikolaev near the house but also its interior. Natalia Barbier was fascinated by the so-called Chinese room located in the cottage with the hero program.

“My wife was born and raised in China. After my folks was gone, her mom and dad took me in like family. We were very close, and in their honor I decided to create this design” – says Nikolaev.

Юрию Николаеву построили роскошную беседку на загородном участке

Repair made by professionals, surprised and pleased with the celebrity. A small gazebo with a frame made of glued timber now holds the dining and kitchen area with a stove. In the furnace itself the master set slate door through which the room is maintained at a comfortable temperature in winter and summer. However, the greatest admiration of the presenter caused a converted tennis court. Experts have cleared it of weeds and brought in perfect order.

“Great. He wasn’t ever” – immediately said Yuri.

Leading “almost Morning” thanked the masters of the “Perfect repair” for the work done. The wife of Nikolaev was also delighted with the results of the transformation of the site. The couple admitted that does not understand the construction, but in their view, the gazebo was tastefully done and of high quality.

Anna Snatkina, Vlad Topalov, Stas Kostyushkin and Victor Vasiliev appreciated changes in the area of Nikolaev. Sergey Mazaev promised to bring to a friend’s housewarming and to arrange a concert.