Юрий Лужков гордится финансовыми успехами жены Elena Baturina has once again topped the list of the richest women of Russia. According to experts, her condition is over a billion dollars. Yuri Luzhkov glad that his wife showing their talents in different fields and public Affairs.

      Юрий Лужков гордится финансовыми успехами жены

      Every year, the experts estimate the well-being of various businessmen. Forbes magazine has published the list of the richest women of Russia. Four years in a row first place in this ranking is the wife of former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina. Experts have estimated that the capital women make up more than one billion dollars. Apparently, the former head of the capital is very pleased that his wife – a successful businesswoman. He believes that Elena is not only successful in business but also in other spheres of life.

      “I am proud of the talent of his wife. And I was less interested in her, as they say, business achievements, she is a talented person, and I would say, in business, in art, and horses, which she still does,” – said Luzhkov.

      We will remind that Yury Luzhkov and Elena Baturina live in a marriage for over 25 years. Recently, they’ve sealed their relationship in the Church. Very often the couple get married only a few years later after the registration in the registry office. Thus they demonstrate a conscious decision, because it is believed that marriage in heaven is possible only once.

      Luzhkov admitted that he and Elena decided to get married at the dawn of their life together. “It was overall, our spontaneous decision 25 years ago,” said the former mayor of Moscow.

      Yuri and Elena gathered to party with only the closest people. Luzhkov and Baturina were married in the Church of the Nativity, which is located on the site of their suburban home. Stanislav Sadalsky was one of the first who hastened to congratulate the couple on such an important day for them. “Marriages are made in heaven. Really is surprising and incomprehensible as in this huge world, two hearts find each other. True: in all the will of God. The former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his wife Yelena Baturina were married yesterday in their home Church of the Nativity, located on the site of their suburban home. Advice and Love!” – Stanislav wrote in his microblog. After this publication, many of the subscribers were also quick to address their wishes to the couple.

      Despite the fact that Luzhkov and Baucina live together for quite a while, the man never ceases to admire his wife. Yuri admitted to the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that he believes his wife supertalented man.

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