Юрий Грымов раскрыл интимные тайны Анны Карениной
The Director treated the guests of the festival “Window to Europe” wine from their land.

Yuri Grymov

Photo: Helen Is Wonderful

The famous Director arrived at the film festival “Window to Europe”
to hold a master class and to show excerpts from his new paintings. But first, Yuri
Grymov with his wife Olga walked around Vyborg, looking at Antiques and Souvenirs
shops. In one of them he bought two vinyl records: live recording
the group “Yello” in new York in 1983 and the album “Manfred Mann”. The purchase cost
the Director is 1800 rubles. “I have a big vinyl collection, told 7days.ru
Grymov. — The record, of course, can be a good idea to digitize, but it will be lifeless
sound. True connoisseurs like how the music breathes.

As it turned out, Grymov not only collects vinyl, but
is a successful winemaker. Three years ago in Spain, he acquired vineyards
and produces a red wine of the 12 varieties. Guests of the festival Director invited
taste four of them. “Cinema is a hobby, and the wine business, it is
successful. Do the wine as hard as movie — creative approach is needed, such
the same risks are.”

Before you treat your friends, Grymov showed excerpts
its new and very provocative work, “Anna Karenina. Intimate
diary.” This is a modern interpretation
the classic works of Leo Tolstoy. Interestingly, last year
many remembered “Anna Karenina.” For example, in Musical theatre
Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow premiere of the ballet, soon
premiere of the musical with Valeria Lanskoy and Ekaterina Guseva and
Karen Shakhnazarov filmed another adaptation of the novel.

“This is our answer
Pokemon that all have won and kinokomedii together,
the Director said 7days.ru. And this alternative is not
modern drama, which everyone is waiting and looking for, and that is not forgotten, and long
experienced. The diary in this case is personal, not sexual. Girls
always keep a diary, today they are it publicly in social networks. I wasn’t expelled
that diary was Anna Karenina.

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