Yury Grymov: “For the theft hit in the face”

Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу» The artistic Director of theater “Modern” told the correspondent of “StarHit”, for which he was fined organs of labor protection. Yury Grymov has confessed that he tries to do everything to his productions were interesting to the maximum number of viewers.
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»

If ever Yuri Grymov have to write a resume, his experience can only envy: music video Director, film Director, head of channels, academician of the Academy “nick”, and from December 2016, he headed the Moscow drama theatre “Modern”. I caught him in the office, he was discussing with the assistant what should be ties for the photo shoot. “The main thing is pick the narrow and colorful”, – gives instructions Grymov.


It’s a pity money

Yuriy, let’s tie start. You always look lovely – you are updating the wardrobe?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»No problem with that, I worked as a fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev. However, eventually calmed down, almost do not pay attention to labels, and all what I want. Moreover, the fashion world has greatly changed: if 15 years ago, to wear a beautiful thing, for it had to pay a lot of money, today there are many high-quality items for a modest amount. Before I made the purchase mostly abroad, now in Moscow it is so profitable. I believe that spending huge sums on clothes is unnatural, to me it’s money well spent.—
For travel you will not save money. How do you like to relax?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»And I’m not bothered… But if somewhere to fly, then at least for 10 days to completely disconnect. I like Africa, I think, in the world there is nothing better. I say that because in 2008 he traveled the continent to and from – was removed from the American movie “Aliens”. And Asia – it is happening all the fun. Europe has long been destroyed and exhausted, America for me has always been “the village”, but Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, China – Yes, there is something to see in terms of culture, design and architecture. Travel mostly with his wife Olga.—
You’ve been married for 25 years. What, in your opinion, the secret to a perfect marriage?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»People should love each other. And still be decent. We are all not without sin, but man has no right to hurt someone dear to him. If it so happened that prick need to apologize. Olya is the most difficult and honorable work, it could be: she devoted all her family – me and our daughter, and she oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»
Your 20-year-old daughter Antonina in 2012 he moved to Paris, now studying at the Sorbonne. What it will be when you graduate?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»Whatever, it’s up to her. As an economist, I guess… in two years she plans to move to Singapore, there to act in a magistracy. Tonya is a smart girl unlike dad, she was a brilliant student.—
Why he sent his daughter to study abroad?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»I was disappointed in Russian education. Daughter has gotten straight a’s, but the teachers prior to this was not the case… But in the oldest school, France the Ecole de Rosh after-hours interview we were told that Tonya has a great future. In 10th grade she went to Paris. The first two years after moving, my wife lived in two countries. And it was hard both mentally and financially.
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»
Maybe for extra money will do business, as many of your colleagues?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»Not enough time. There is so much work to do: paint the walls in the foyer, the scene repair, change the lighting. In the theatre for 30 years, little happened, now we need to put everything in order. Workers warned: I find out that someone is stealing, I’m gonna hit you in the face and sue you. From 23 may to all evening performances will not be allowed in sports shoes. My monastery, my rules. Open a decent buffet in the intermission people not in line for overpriced sausage sandwich was, and able to advance to order lunch, sit at the table. Still dreaming to the fall the salary of the actors was three times higher. To achieve this, do not give out tickets for free, even friends. I have many friends who could get me an invitation, but would like to purchase tickets to the theater for the money with the purpose to help us.

An audiophile with the experience

In one interview you said that you dislike when you find out…
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»It is not so. On the contrary, like that the people who come up to me on the plane or restaurant, usually very pleasant. I have gone “virtual shit” – neither Instagram nor Facebook. I do not write vulgarity, no name-calling… which Is good.—
What books are you reading?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»In the last six months get books into the hands of for profit: working on two films – “Three sisters,” which will be released this fall, and “Anna Karenina” – its premiere will be held in 2018; read a lot about these works. Also I have several years of working on the Grand staging of “War and peace”. Premiere on the stage of “Modernity” is planned for 2018. Still love the music – I’m an audiophile with the experience, collect records. Listening to jazz, art-rock…—
But to modern cinema as a treat?
Юрий Грымов: «За воровство ударю по лицу»Believe it today in Russia. The success of our cinema came in the Soviet period, and not repeat. The train left new Danelia will not… right Now we are producing 70 paintings a year, of which about 20 appear on the screen, and only one returns the money invested. Is this normal? I believe in the theatre. The Department of Moscow for a lot of us do. And the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky genuinely cares that the theatres did not survive, and it evolved was modern and interesting to the maximum number of viewers. Movie today – it is not art, but rather the marketing business. Of course, if today’s films – breakthrough, my “Three sisters” and “Anna Karenina” from the point of view of praising the current Russian cinema sucks because they are too, the picture is different. I have played by great actors – Anna Kamenkova, Sasha Baluev, Aleksandr Pashutin, Vladimir Nosik… And I know that creating a worthy product. If someone believes differently that’s his business.