Юрий Семенович, не уходите! You know a lot of doctors that their blood bought disposable dropper for children? A 38-year-old head of the Apatity-Kirov hospital Yury Shiryaev bought.
Юрий Семенович, не уходите!

What was he supposed to do? The procurement website once again collapsed, and another opportunity to buy was not. Moreover, the last three years Yuri Semenovich practically lives in his office because he is also the neurosurgeon from God. So a few days ago first he wrote a letter of resignation (on “Straight line” with President anabaena resident Apatite Daria Starikova has complained to Vladimir Putin on the quality of medical care), and then gets up to the operating table to save the life of a guy with a crushed skull.

The history of Daria (they say she lived some years with bleeding and doctors are not treated) is not the main reason for the decision of Yury Shiryaev. It just zadolbali! Whether even such a unique professional like him to answer for crumbling or unfinished housing of hospitals in small cities, because launched the idea to create a medical conglomerates?

And the torment of the sick, sometimes hundreds of miles getting to the right specialists, who will answer – also Shiryaev? To honor my home town of Apatity, on the protection of the good doctor raised a lot. Social media today is overwhelmed with requests: “don’t go! We really need you!” However, Yuri S., what are we to do without you?