Юрий Маликов довел жену до слез Friendly family of musician — a true role model. Spouses live together more than half a century. And recently, Yuri Malikov admitted he made beloved to cry.
Юрий Маликов довел жену до слез

Yuri and Ludmila Malikova celebrated their Golden wedding. But recently, on the occasion of his beloved wife, Yuri Fedorovich decided to repeat a very sweet and romantic thing he did for the first time about 50 years ago. The musician wrote on the snow her name “Xun” — so affectionately calls husband Malikov.

“Recently, Lucy had a birthday. And decided to repeat this story for the second time in my life. She went to the window and cried. But, she doesn’t like to cry. She smiled, hugged me, kissing me, as usual,” the impression that Lyudmila and Yuri Malkovich still lasts candy-bouquet period.

Yuri Malikov for the first time saw his future wife of 53 years ago in the national centre of artistic creativity (at that time he wore another name — the Palace of culture “manpower reserves”). Malikov came here to accompany one of the popular in those years, singers. She introduced the then “green” musician with quite a famous ballerina, soloist of the Moscow “Music Hall,” Lyudmila Punkboy.

By the way, the theatre, and President by that time half the world, enjoyed resounding success. Worked there the most beautiful girls of the Soviet Union. To get to their concert was a big success. A shy young man believed that Lyudmila for him — something untouchable, but the beauty of the young ballerina nailed it, and the feeling was stronger than uncertainty, so the musician decided on the first step. Waiting for the end of the concert, Yuri offered to accompany her home. The girl lived just around the corner from the Palace of culture. She went home to change, and jury to somehow pass the time and keep warm (the cold was strong), began to write in the snow her name.

Many people wonder what is the secret to a happy life of this wonderful creative family. It seems that the son of Yuri Fyodorovich, Dmitry Malikov, knows the answer to this question.

Юрий Маликов довел жену до слез“The key to a happy life is when a man — in a good way henpecked. When he henpecked — at once disappears a large number of problems”, — concluded Dmitry Malikov.
Юрий Маликов довел жену до слез

Last winter, Yuri Malikov for the third time became a grandfather: his grandson was born. The baby was carried by a surrogate mother, the birth of a child kept in the strictest confidence. Daughter Dmitry Malikov Stefania, I learned that she’ll have a brother just five days before his birth.

The whole truth about the son of Dmitry Malikov from a surrogate mother

“I held my grandchild, shook, wept. The boy sturdy, height and weight are OK. Immediately we did the first shoot, which lasted five minutes” — shared Yuri F. his first impressions from the meeting with a new member of the family.