Юрий Гуляев: причина смерти

People’s artist of the USSR Yuri Gulyaev was a Soviet Opera and pop singer who enjoy his wonderful lyric baritone several generations of admiring contemporaries. On stage he was a full-fledged competitor of Muslim Magomayev and if a little inferior to him in popularity, the charm, perhaps, surpassed. The cause of death of Yuri Gulyaev – heart disease.

By the way, between the two famous singers never had a rivalry, they were friends. Senior 12 years Gulyaev admired Magomayev and gave him fine gifts: one brought a colleague from France the notes of the famous “love Story” ( Love story ). Just they had similar voices: both baritones, deep, voluminous and powerful, with a soft timbre, evoking extraordinary experiences in listeners.

		Юрий Гуляев: причина смерти

Photo: Muslim Magomayev, Innocent Smoktunovsky, Yuriy Gulyaev

Yuri Gulyaev sang since childhood and graduated from music school class of accordion. He entered Sverdlovsk medical Institute, but very quickly corrected the mistake and went to the Ural Conservatory. Musorskogo. After that he sang in Opera theatres of Sverdlovsk, Donetsk, Kiev. In 1975 he was finally entrenched in the Bolshoi theatre as a soloist.

But the real fame came to walk on stage. He is equally good at Opera arias and folk songs, ballads and contemporary hits. “Russian field”, “because of the island to the rod”, “On the nameless height”, “Along the Piterskaya”, “Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda”, “you Know how he was a guy!” here are the basic list of the songs, the performance of which made the singer a favorite of the public.

Tall, fine, powerfully built Gulyaev with wonderful eyes and “Gagarin” – the definition of Iosif Kobzon smile, soft masculine features, really liked women. He had many admirers, showered with flowers and letters to his idol. But Yuri Alexandrovich attracted firmly harmonious family life with his beloved wife and son, born with cerebral palsy.

Relentless struggle with the disease a little Jurassic, which eventually ended in a victory, and later paid dearly for the health of his father. Yuri, despite his worldwide fame, was a master of all trades and skillfully cope with the repair of your car, a good carpenter, repaired appliances. From leisure I prefer chess, reading, playing the piano. He wrote the music for several her songs, the most famous of which is “Wish you…”.

		Юрий Гуляев: причина смерти

Alarm professional activities and personal life Gulyaeva were not in vain. In the late 80-ies he started to have health problems. Random inflammation of the lungs, transformed into bronchial asthma, forced him to change the scene to the hospital. Lately his life, the artist never parted with the inhaler.

In April 1986 Gulyaev was found dead in his car parked near the garage with the ill-fated inhaler in hand. However, he made the mistake of trying to stop the asthmatic attack: this time, his heart. The cause of death of Yuri Gulyaev was a heart attack, from which he died on the spot.

He is buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.