Yuriy Galtsev I visited my son in rehab

Юрий Гальцев проведал сына в реабилитационном центре The actor and comedian went to the Kurgan region to visit his successor Michael. A close relative of Yuri Galtseva got rid of the addiction and began working as a volunteer. Now Michael is helping those who are faced with similar problems.

Recently 56-year-old Yury Galtsev has been in the Kurgan region. Humorist remarked at the festival of media which was dedicated to 75-anniversary of the region. In addition, the actor visited the Yurgamyshskiy located in the district center of social adaptation and re-socialization, which provide assistance to drug addicts. According to local journalists, there is’tseva son Michael.

According to correspondents, the heir to Yuri took a six-month rehab and now works as a volunteer. Michael helps those who are faced with the same as his problems, and paint is on the walls of houses, being a member of the movement “Stop the drug”.

“Michael wants to realize themselves in this area. Yuriy Galtsev earlier promised to help, he used to be shy of this problem son, were hiding from that, but now saw with this problem, you can work and live in dignity” – shared with journalists the head of the organization Denis Fedoseev.

At the meeting with the patients of the rehabilitation center Galtsev talked with young people and shared with them life experience. The actor joked a lot and was not afraid to talk about their mistakes.

“Everyone has the right to live happily. I’ve seen people who have all had, and they turned into nothing. And Vice versa. You are young, you do everything perfectly. Important when there is someone to share, – said Galtsev those undergoing rehabilitation. You’re all passable, all human. Of course there are problems, but that’s okay, there are hardships, there is a recovery, but it all depends on you.”

When finished it, the impersonator played the guitar and sang songs based on poems by Boris Kornilov “Memory”. Those present supported Galtseva a storm of applause and thanked him for his support. Yuri inspired the audience to overcome life’s difficulties. The TV star noted that any problems can be overcome, if not to sit around and take action. In the future, the artist is going to continue to contribute to the work of the rehabilitation center.

Mikhail Galtsev was born in November 1981 in the first marriage of the artist. It is known that the impersonator got married at the age of 19, but soon decided to break up with his wife. At the moment Mikhail Galtsev lives in Kurgan, reports Ura.ru.

In 1986, the artist married a second time. Beloved Yuri Galtseva was the actress Irina Rakshina. The couple met in the construction team in Kazakhstan. Legalizing the relationship, the couple first lived in a Dorm, and then some time rented a room in a communal apartment. In 1992 Rakshina Galavu gave birth to a daughter Mary.

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