Юрий Гальцев разразился гневом из-за мусора The comedian was on their own to deal with mud on the beach. Yuriy Galtsev is outraged by the fact that many campers do not monitor the cleanliness. The artist by his example, decided to show how to treat the natural environment.

Famous parodist and humorist Yury Galtsev travels to Russia with concerts. But the showman does not enjoy the nature and beautiful scenery of the different parts of our country. Humorist began to pay attention to the heaps of garbage that have flooded the beaches and public places. Apparently, the residents of Gali cannot tolerate this state of Affairs, and therefore decided to take matters into their own hands. He personally started the cleaning of the beach at the Blue lakes, which are located in Kurgan. During that time, as Yuri was collecting empty bottles and packages, he burst into an angry tirade and called on all people to respect the natural environment.

Comedian did not mince words, but because his speech was very emotional and inspired. It’s possible that the video, posted on the social network, will affect those who often leaves after the rest of the garbage on the beach.

“Here we are talking about our fellow countrymen. We have such a good nature, this good water is blue, we know how to relax. But let’s see what happens after that. Here come our children, our grandchildren come here,” said Yuri, showing on video the empty bottles and waste left over from careless tourists.

Published video has caused a great resonance among the public. Users of the social network example’tseva called respect. Many fully agreed with the comedian and said that such serious incidents happen everywhere. “Thank you Yuri Galtseva for example, and for a reproach to all those who do not respect themselves, a disgrace to yourself, leaving garbage in the nature. I’d like to hope that, after seeing this post, someone will not want to throw a bottle into the river, a piece of paper, a cigarette out the car window, leave behind trash in the nature, leftovers from a picnic in the Park. When will we learn to love all that surrounds us?”, “The machines come, bring food, drink. It is difficult to collect in a garbage bag and discard with the trash first?”, “I agree! And it is dangerous to make observations, if you drop it! All inadequate! Especially young people, from rude and in a fight! But with these children, and it is a vivid example,” he said concerned.

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