Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей The experiences of the actor remembered his family in the documentary, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the artist. Three children from different marriages, his ex-wife and widow was frankly told, what was people’s artist Yury Yakovlev.
Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей

This year, April 25, Yuri Yakovlev would have turned 90 years old. In film and television, Yakovlev, brilliantly played 150 unforgettable images. The artist is a wonderful comedic and dramatic talent was and still remains one of the most favorite actors, really popular. “Idiot”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, “An ideal husband”, “Carnival”, “We, the undersigned” and many other domestic films, the audience knows by heart, and replica from the lips of heroes Yakovleva long been a popular.

Professional destiny Yakovlev came together quite quickly: after the Shchukin school, he was accepted into the theater. Vakhtangov. And from the first years began to give the main role, in the movie, the first starring role of Prince Myshkin immediately made him a star. But the road to marital happiness for Yuri turned out to be more dramatic, hard, full of passion and experiences. He was married three times and in each marriage he had babies. And older with a difference of only four months…

First Yakovlev married right after graduation – at a future physician Kira Machulski. He saw her in the concert hall. Tchaikovsky after the concert helped to put on a coat, they are skipped until the morning and never parted. In the documentary of the First channel “Yuri Yakovlev. Blossomed here without me” on the archived video Yuri himself says, he loved his first wife.

“I was very in love with his first wife. Told her: “you Want me out of love put your head in the trash that the street is?” She said, “No way!” I lift the lid, stuff the head and put on…” – recalled Yuri Yakovlev.
Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей

Ex-wife also shared touching memories. Told how she had TB, and Yuri looked after her. Was there Ter vegetables, made packs of cabbage leaf, slept anywhere in a tuberculosis sanatorium, only to be closer to his. In memory of the love of the daughter of Alena stores the letters of the Pope to his mother. Only now, when the future actress was born, her famous father had not loved her mother so, as before, at least.

At the Vakhtangov theatre Yakovlev played in a performance with Arcady Raikin’s daughter – Catherine. And despite the fact that she was already married to Michael Derzhavin, Yakovlev fell in love, and Kate said to him.

Kira about the affair her husband was the last to know, she was pregnant with a girl. But it turned out that Kate Raikin is also expecting a child from Yakovlev. In June 1961 came to light Allen Y., and was born Nov Alexey.

Twice father Yakovlev experienced the situation very hard – rushing between Kira and Kate. Tried several times returned to the family. Make the decision helped Kira, she let go of her husband to another.

Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей“He came back for the New year, Christmas, spent with me all day. And somewhere poldvenadtsatogo suddenly said, “Oh, my God, what am I going to give to Sally.” “Well,” he said, “I’ll find something”. Found a porcelain doll and stretched. Thought, if he will, the question is settled. He took…” said Kira, an ex-wife Yakovlev.
Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей
Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей

But marriage with Ekaterina Raikin became Yakovlev’s last, although he was for some time very happy. Yuri took the famous family of the new wife. He had a warm relationship with Arkady Isaakovich. But the marriage lasted only four years. Yakovlev was in love again. Irina Sergeeva graduated from GITIS and came to work at the Museum of the Vakhtangov theatre. She was married, raised her son. The actor Yakovlev’s attention drew immediately says, “liked him as an actor, how could he not like it?!”. But soon in the theater noticed that Yakovlev would often pay a visit to the Museum with or without.

Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей“He started coming to the Museum. One thing he needs, something else. And then it became clear that not because of some materials… and then I died. In General, all tragic. Because children sorry. But the sense… guess I before God guilty because he was married to the Raikin. But don’t consider myself a home wrecker. Because that’s what came out. Of course it all came out. So God was pleased. Otherwise we didn’t have a b so many years”, – said Yakovlev’s widow.
Юрий Яковлев сгорал от вины за брошенных детей

At this time, the decision to leave the family was given even more difficult: not only that Alain had to leave, and now Junior will have the same fate. Yakovlev knew that his act all perceive as a betrayal. But Yuri was sure that is fair. Painful, ugly, but honest.

So, Yakovlev went to the registry office for the third time. Alimony paid regularly – 50 per cent of their income, but to see the kids rarely. Maybe didn’t want to interfere with his former wife remarried. But also tormented with guilt. Over the years, the pain of separation from older children (in the new marriage Yakovlev for the third time became a father) became stronger. His feelings are not indifferent to his wife.

“He was very upset. Few of them saw, Allen was with his mother and stepfather in Germany, where he worked as the new husband of Kira. And Kate gave a little Lesha him – she was making excuses: either he goes away or sleeping. This led to the fact that Yura stopped trying to meet her son,” recalled the widow of the artist.

And she, Irina Sergeeva, did everything to raise a large family of her husband. “Don’t you remember how it was for the first time. Birthday, maybe, and then themselves, on different occasions, the children and grandchildren began to gather around us,” says Irina.

Children Yakovlev followed in the footsteps of a legendary father. Alyona, Alex and Anton Yakovlev graduated from the College theater. Alena is in the Theater of Satire, Alex worked in the Theater Yermolova, and now collaborates with the Central house of the Actor, Anton became a Director. Their children, older grandchildren Yakovlev, continued the dynasty. Daughter Alena – works together with her mother, and the son of Anton Andrew from short marriage with Maria Mironova now also serves in the theater. Vakhtangov. Although is the surname of his stepfather – Udalov.

Yuri Yakovlev adored his children and grandchildren. Granddaughter Masha says that he hugged her every time like in the last… people’s artist Yury Yakovlev did not five years ago, on the night of 30 November 2013. He is buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.