Yuri Stoyanov ignore sons

Юрия Стоянова игнорируют сыновья

Jovial actor and comedian Yuri Stoyanov always willing to give an interview regarding his work, but when it comes to his personal life and children, talks about his step-daughters, which brings up the third marriage with his wife Elena. But it turns out that Yuri has two sons who categorically refuse to communicate with him.

Sons Nikolai and Aleksei not only maintain ties with his own father, but even changed her name and patronymic, so that nothing reminded them about people Stoyanova. Familiar TV presenter’s claim that the intense relations of the actor with children is guilty of his first wife Olga, who after the divorce to set the boys against the father.

“Yura would be happy to take off to communicate, but the sons don’t want to. Most likely, it was the antics of Olga. She was gone from the Jura. Still alive was his father, they somehow kept in touch because he loved former daughter-in-law and grandchildren even after the divorce came to visit them in Moscow, but after his death in 1993, the connection between them ceased. Once Alex arrived to her grandmother, and there I met Yuri, so they more or less but started talking. Mykola categorically refuses to even talk with his own father, to forgive him”, — said the publication of Linus childhood friend of the artist.

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