Yuri Shevchuk threatened to kill his own fans

Юрия Шевчука грозились убить собственные фанаты The artist understood that a disgruntled public can do to deal with it. After the release of the first album in the 80-ies Yuri Shevchuk was often beaten. But he has not abandoned his craft and continued to create.

      Юрия Шевчука грозились убить собственные фанаты

      Legendary rock musician may 16, said 59 years. He grew up in a poor family, the parents of the future star worked school teachers. So work Yura began early in the summer after eighth grade together with my friends were unloading the car at the candy factory. While studying at the art Institute, went to “elevate” the pig farm and the barns. Since then, in recognition of Shevchuk, he can with his eyes closed to draw the portraits of Lenin or Brezhnev. But first a salary for the performance of the singer was only in 1987 when we went on tour to Siberia. All musicians “DDT paid 15 rubles, was given three kilograms of fish.

      Big fees for the work to take it nowhere, indeed, in the first half of the 80s in the Soviet Union rock and roll did not find their fans. And artists sometimes had the health to pay with a disgruntled public.

      “In those days Yura, unfortunately, often received “on the cap,” recalls guitarist Sergey Ryzhenko. In 1984 he had to move to Sverdlovsk. He periodically visited in Moscow and spoke at the appartment, one of them we met him. He told me why I had to leave beloved Ufa. After the release of the first album of his group began to persecute. Allegedly, the KGB demanded that Yuri signed a paper, which would have pledged never to perform songs. But he refused.

      Юрия Шевчука грозились убить собственные фанаты

      Another reason for the move was that in his hometown Shevchuk was constantly beaten. Outwardly, he does not stand out from the crowd – I went to the black pants, plain sweater, and wore a brown worn “driver’s” leather jacket. No biker “black leather jackets”, t-shirts with skulls. But detractors knew him in person, with an enviable regularity was waylaid and attacked with his fists. Just before moving Yura clashed with four shaven-headed lads, which his people marked living space on it left. And clearly hinted that Shevchuk is better to leave Ufa, otherwise it will erase from the face of the earth. He knew the words of these crooks – not an empty phrase. Because in those days manners were such that you could easily beat to take into the woods in three packages, to bury, so no one will find – police such things not liked to do…

      So leaving was the only right decision. Yura started a new life, which, however, he was not too pleased. At the new location to “clean the face” Shevchuk nobody was going, but seeing, too, were not particularly happy about it. Not ready our people for this kind of music, he does not understand her…” he said to me with sadness. However, we did not sit in place – performed, recorded an album “Moscow. Heat.”

      Much time has passed, and someone called Yuri to perform in Ufa. Money promised good. He asked me to go with him. But I refused, I had other plans – going to rest in the Crimea. And from the idea he never gave up. Went. I come back home, meet with Shevchuk. Ask him: “how was the speech?” Yura laughing tells me the story: he flies to Ufa, right up to the plane, the organizers served for him a gorgeous white limousine. Shevchuk happy sits. The car starts to move, and then Yura sees – on the sides are four broad-shouldered men in tracksuits. “Who is it?” – Shevchuk asked the driver. He says that it is the charge of security. He was just all proud that he was promoted to personal security, but then realizes that somewhere these people have already seen. Eyeing – well, sure, there is those skinheads who fought him on the eve of departure.

      Jura is not restrained, at your own risk opens the window, shouts: “Hey, guys, do you remember me?” Those smiled: “remember, Remember, Yuri Ulianich! Forgive us! We are now your fans, never more we will not beat!” “I’d love to hope so” – says Shevchuk is a little taken aback and closes the window. His word thugs, oddly enough, kept.

      In General the bandits to Shevchuk always treated, as they say, with “respect”. In St. Petersburg we had a rehearsal base in the area of the bypass channel, ran in there, sung several times a week. In this place Yuri somehow found “Tambov” lads. To our great happiness, they were not going to beat anybody up, came to the base for aesthetic pleasure. “Poruchkatsya” with all of us an approving Pat on the shoulder was a mandatory part of their visit. Here are the St. Petersburg cultural thugs…”

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