Юрий Николаев рассказал о личной трагедии Broadcaster sincerely regrets that I never became a father. The legendary speaker, author of many popular programs of national TV never had children. Yuri Nikolayev believes that it is a real tragedy in his life.
Юрий Николаев рассказал о личной трагедии

The legendary broadcaster, one of the most popular for decades, the favorite author of millions of programs Yuri Nikolaev became the hero of the show “Tonight” on the First channel. At this time, guests Julia Menshovoj and Maxim Galkin recalled the project of Nikolaev “Morning star”, a music competition for children and adults, which was broadcast on Central television in 1991. Almost 13 years it existed, and many now-famous artists started with it. Among those who debuted on the big stage in the competition, invented by Nikolaev, Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Yulia Volkova, Yuliya Nachalova. His first steps in show business in the program “Morning star” did, and Angelica Varum, Valery, and Ani Lorak.

This program emerged due to the wife of Yuri Alexandrovich – Eleanor, whom he affectionately calls Lala. In order to start the contest “Morning star”, Nikolaev had to take a big loan, and despite the great risk of burn, the wife supported her talented husband. Nikolaev has repeatedly confessed his love for his Lyalya, which together more than 40 years. Eleanor Nikolaev told how she met her future husband.

“I was walking through the Park and saw him with Yuri. I was about 14. And then Yuri came to visit us with some girls, they seemed so old women, they were about 25 years old. Well, why are they to him when I have such a very fine woman, I thought,” – said the wife of Yuri Nikolaev.
Юрий Николаев рассказал о личной трагедии

They married much later, in 1975, when behind Yuri Nikolaev was already on a student’s marriage. Now the TV presenter admits that it wasn’t love at first sight. “It would be probably true to say now that I understand immediately that it is the love of my life. And when we started to live together, awareness of this it has come,” – says Nikolaev. Being completely happy in marriage, Nikolaevy have one regret that I never became parents. And although they talk about it, calmly, without strain, the words do not pick up, but called childlessness a tragedy.

“Of course, there are moments that I am ashamed. And I admitted my mistakes. And Lala is my angel. But alas, we have no children. Tragedy. Pain,” – said Yuri Nikolaev.

They accept their fate and do not consider the possibility that now they can provide modern medicine, and which is used by many stars of show business, for example, surrogacy. And speaking of the reasons for which they were never born children, spouses shrug.

“Abortions we do, maybe blood group incompatible, I don’t know. Previously did not have such opportunities as now. And now… Where to have kids when they need to grow and put on feet? We didn’t do anything, not to have children. But alas. And this is a serious problem, I don’t recommend it”, – have frankly told Eleanor Nikolaev.

However, a few years ago, Yuri Nikolaev, in some interviews suggested that the reason might be his abuse of alcohol. Presenter confessed to his addiction and talked about how he defeated her.

The share of Nikolaev took many tests. So, Yuri Alexandrovich, who in December this year will celebrate 70-summer anniversary, for many years struggling with cancer. And in spite of any pytania fate, Nikolaev continues to work and is still one of the most popular TV presenters of the country.