Yuri Nikolaev swore at Maxim Fadeev

Юрий Николаев обматерил Максима Фадеева The producer reminded me of a story from the past. When Maxim Fadeev specially arrived to Moscow from Kurgan to transfer your records to the lead popular at the time of the program “Morning mail” Yuri Nikolaev. Everyone was showing in the transfer, became a star.
Юрий Николаев обматерил Максима Фадеева

Maxim Fadeev became the hero of the new issue of the blog “Transformer”. The founder of the label MALFA met with the lead Dmitry Portnyagin and talked about what is his work with actors, and also shared views on modern show business.

The producer recognizes that success is not enough talent. Once Fadeev was a young musician who dreamed to Express themselves to a wider audience. With this aim, a poor native of Mound, dreaming of glory, went to Moscow.

“Before, if the person acted in the program “Morning mail”, which was led by Yuri Nikolaev, he became a star all over the country, — says the worker of show business. I remember I went to Moscow for the first time. It was winter. I thought we should go to the Ostankino tower. Out, look like a close. Went straight along some ravines. I was in shock, because the tower did not come. Simple, because there was no money for a taxi. In short, it was hell.”
Юрий Николаев обматерил Максима Фадеева

After a time, Fadeyev managed to reach the destination. As soon as he was in the TV station, I started searching the host of the program “Morning mail” Yuri Nikolaev. A novice artist carefully looked at everyone who was moved by “Ostankino”.

“And then he appeared… I stand with the tape, I hope. Think: “Now I’ll tell him.” There was a song “Dance on broken glass”, my first song — says the producer. I say, “Excuse me, hi, I’m from Kurgan, I’d like to give you the tape.” And he looked at me and said, “Come on ***”. At this moment I destroyed everything. And he sailed like a ship…”

Despite the fact that Nikolaev did not go to meet him, hope you not mad at the presenter. “At this point, I felt sorry for him. I wasn’t even hurt. I’m sure he’s a good man, I think so. Moreover, he led children’s programs. I was just telling you how it really is. He said bitingly and short,” — concluded the leader of show business.

Years later, when Maxim Fadeev became a successful producer and has founded his own record label, he believes it is important to listen to all the recordings to him. “Even if you send 10 thousand demos” — says the worker of show business. In Fadeyev’s view, many young artists do not like to experiment with music and prefer to stick to already existing templates. He criticized such behavior. In addition, Fadeev does not accept, when performers driven by commercial interest.

“When an artist starts talking about money and percentages and already shares the potential profit, although not even begin to earn. Let’s go if we’re in the same boat? No, — said the producer. — I had a case when I agreed to work with the same person for similar reasons, and it became very popular. But I knew who it was, and it will all end. It just happened. Two years later he collapsed in the sand. And all because was not thinking about the music but about the money.”