Yuri Nikolaev about his illness: “I’m scared”

Юрий Николаев о своей болезни: «Мне страшно» Presenter for twelve years cured from cancer. Yuri Nikolaev admitted that during this time have experienced several relapses. To cope with a terrible disease he is supported by the support of friends and an icon brought from the Holy mount Athos.

      Юрий Николаев о своей болезни: «Мне страшно»

      Popular TV host Yuri Nikolaev, along with his charming wife Eleanor were the guests of the next edition of “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov. The reason for the call with Maestro TV was the anniversary of the program, which in the nineties led Yuriy Nikolaev “Morning star”. The most popular project, whose participants were young singers, has opened many of them on the road to the big stage. To thank Yury Nikolaev for what he has given them the opportunity to showcase their talents on television, in the Studio of the program “Tonight” came Vlad Topalov, Ani Lorak, Yulia Nachalova, Vlad Sokolovsky, Elena Katina, Prokhor Shalyapin, Yulia Malinovskaya.

      Юрий Николаев о своей болезни: «Мне страшно»

      However, the conversation in the Studio was not only creative, but also about the personal life of Yuri Nikolaev, the host of that program “Dostoyanie Respubliki” never flaunting. However, the most devoted admirers of his talent know that in the past few years, a celebrity leads a bitter struggle with cancer. For the first time in the air “Tonight,” Yuri Nikolaev, told when he was first diagnosed.

      “It happened about eleven or twelve ago. Five years later, he relapsed, then another, – said the master. – What is the reason of my disease, I don’t know. My mom died of cancer, maybe it’s a genetic predisposition. I need to be constantly monitored, and upon the slightest suspicion again to start treatment. This is what happens. Yes, I’m afraid, but it is necessary to live. I want to live.”

      Help 67-year-old presenter all these years to deal with a deadly disease care of his wife Eleanor and the support of friends. And in your house Yuri Nikolaev keeps the icon brought from Greece, with mount Athos. Her Yuri prays and believes that it gives him the strength to cope with the disease.

      “Some of the recipes I can not give. I know that will prolong my life, it’s definitely work. And I am grateful to the First channel and Konstantin Lvovich Ernst, first of all, for this opportunity to communicate with viewers,” – concluded Yuri Nikolaev.

      Recall that the beloved by millions of TV presenter seriously ill, the public learned in 2014. Yuri Nikolaev bravely fighting with cancer

      The news that Yuri Nikolaev was discovered bowel cancer, shocked his fans. In interviews, Yuri admitted that make the news about the illness was not easy. But is forced to reconsider his own views on life. Anchorman sure if this happens in your life, you should not give up.