Yuri Luzhkov: “the Wife does not allow me to relax”

Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться» The former mayor revealed the secret of good health. Luzhkov also told the “StarHit”, which will create a new economy, how to cope with the role of a beekeeper and why you do not want to sell the honey.
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»

Monday, August 14 in Russia celebrate Honey Spas. Traditionally this was the time earn fair where farmers will be put up for sale your the best of the workpiece. On the eve of “StarHit” contacted the most famous beekeeper in the country – ex-mayor of the capital, which owns the apiary “Honey Luzhki” – 100 hectares in the Kaluga region. In an interview with the former mayor told why he has no time for tea parties with family and how to help children.

With a hobby for life

Yuri Mikhailovich, how are you going to celebrate professional holiday?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»Driving a combine on my farm in the Kaliningrad region, where cultivated crops and animal husbandry, in particular, breed pedigree sheep. After stepping down as mayor in 2010 fully devote themselves to the favorite business. I was always drawn to the ground. My father was a simple carpenter. I learned a lot from him, even the furnace itself put can. In the past friends in this case helped. Now that I’m thinking about to create a second apiary – in the Kaliningrad region. Close to solve this problem, because the flying workers not only good for the environment, they help to increase the yield of buckwheat.—
You are an experienced handyman. What qualities, in your opinion, should have man who decided to become a beekeeper?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»First and foremost, it should be Homo Sapiens – wise man, versed in the science of beekeeping. After all, in the life of a bee colony many features, and if they don’t know can hurt. The second quality – peace of mind. Beekeeping is a kind of philosophy, but not just speculative. The decisions and actions of the beekeeper needs to be clearly thought out, do not disturb the insects that all feel and understand. Here is an example: the bees ‘ keen sense of smell, therefore, to come to them should not just clean clothes, but after taking a shower. They have a nose focuses on bears, which, as you know, nature has always ravaged the nest. In the genetic memory of bees recorded that rescisao, such as sweat, is a harbinger of danger.
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»
What is the hardest thing in the work of the beekeeper?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»During the seasonal periods the primary objectives are preparation for the flowering process and the maximum capacity of worker bees. And so they did not starve and was able to survive the fall, followed by a harsh winter, you must leave them enough honey and pollen.

The best – to children!

Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»
How to implement the harvest?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»We do not sell the honey, and give it for free. Our apiary created breeding purposes. Sometimes that gave 38-liter jar of honey every kindergarten in the Kaluga region. The fee depends on the weather, which, alas, is very unstable lately. In the Kaliningrad region, where I am now, the situation with the climate is better.—
You want to create in Kaluga something like a research center…
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»Wanted to come here, beekeepers and scientists from around the world, but it is not gone. Yet, alas, nobody needs, and the apiary remains a hobby. But working on inventions, patent them, use the farm or give. Recently a friend, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who also enjoys beekeeping, asked him to put a couple of my hives round similar to a hollow tree.—
And the tea with honey drink?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»Of course, in our family all love to eat. However, gatherings do not always have the time. Daughters live abroad (23-year-old Olga and 25-year-old Elena moved to London, where he received his education. – Approx. “StarHit”), the wife works a lot and me to relax does not. I lead an active lifestyle in a busy schedule. And the honey gives energy as a source of vitamins and healing properties that are beneficial for the blood, eyesight, blood vessels.—
Know that you even have a phone case with appliques of bees. What unusual gifts you presented?
Юрий Лужков: «Супруга не дает мне расслабляться»Their insane amount! Friends often give the appropriate accessories, clothing and books. Of the historical works she found out that Churchill was fond of beekeeping, and on the mantle of Napoleon was embroidered with these insects.