Юрий Лужков покидает страну после госпитализации The doctors allowed the former mayor to celebrate the New year outside the hospital walls. Yuri Luzhkov was hospitalized last week. Now he’s much better. According to the ex-mayor, on Tuesday he plans to leave on vacation.

      At the end of last week, the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov went to the hospital. According to information a press-the Secretary ex-the mayor Gennady Terebkov, he has become much better. Yuri Mikhailovich communicates with doctors, but until it is discharged. According to the representative politics, he feels much better and is in a good mood.

      “Everything is normal. Leaving tomorrow to ski. It’s a viral inflammation of the lung. Right lung I had punched in a car accident — that’s it, apparently, was the weak link in the context of this epidemic of some nasty flu,” – said Luzhkov personally.

      Previously, the former mayor had planned to be discharged from hospital at the weekend because I wanted to attend the concert of the Turetsky choir, which took place last night. However, Yuri will be able to leave the treatment facility only in the next two days. As stated Terebkov, plans and policy to meet New year in a ski resort with his wife and daughters.

      Recall that Luzhkov was hospitalized in critical condition. The man felt bad and lost consciousness during a business meeting in the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov. A number of media spread information about the fact that Yuri Mikhailovich was in intensive care in serious condition. After a while it became clear that hospitalization were not of an emergency nature, and all the talk about the clinical death of the former mayor had no relation to the real situation. To dispel all the speculation, the politician has personally denied the rumors. He said that the survey was planned.

      Yury Luzhkov has held the post of mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010. At the moment he owns the company “Private stud farm “weeder”, which is located in the Kaliningrad region. The ex-mayor breeds horses, and is engaged in the cultivation of agricultural crops. According to friends Luzhkov,the former mayor never sits in place. “He’s doing something. Therefore, your 80 years old looks 50. Luzhkov – the man, the wrestler, the lump” – so said about Yuri Mikhailovich Mikhail Turkish. Secrets of Yuri Luzhkov: boycott anniversary, matriarchy Baturina and 38 liters of honey