Юрий Лоза не понял нового прозвища Игоря Крутого
Yuri Loza quite often expresses his opinion about various events in the Russian show business.

Юрий Лоза не понял нового прозвища Игоря Крутого

In a recent episode of “One day” NTV talked about the famous composer Igor Krutoy. It in the program called “the godfather of the Russian show-business”, a nickname surprised the Vine.

Юрий Лоза не понял нового прозвища Игоря Крутого

“On the channel NTV Igor Krutoy called the “godfather of the Russian stage”. I don’t know whether this matched the title with the composer himself, but the finish remains ambiguous. And the point here is this. If zealous of TV personality of don Corleone from the novel by Mario Puzo, filigree issued by Francis Coppola, is an absolutely positive and worthy of emulation, to me it does not seems. For example, an episode where for the sake of pushing his actor father, mafia ordered to cut off the head of a favorite horse of the shrew the producer and to throw the head to him in bed, characterizes this character is not from the best side. Maybe NTV-schnick know something, but judging by their statement, Igor Krutoy controls the stage about the same, with the same methods. Or I again not so understood?” – said Yuri.

During the program, Steep spoke about his relationship with colleagues on show-to business. Often he has to put up with the mood swings of some Russian artists in the first place, Alla Pugacheva.

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