Юрий Лоза рассказал о тяжелом состоянии, вызванном болезнью
The singer refused treatment and assistance of relatives.

Yuri Loza


On the eve of the Christmas holidays Yuri Loza was seriously ill. About it the actor said on his personal page in social network.

“Lie a fever, caught viral bronchitis. As shown by years of practice, to treat it is useless, you just have to give the body to destroy degrees are those hordes of harmful bacteria. Nothing pleases, nothing would be desirable. Can’t speak, write even more…” — said Yuri.

Vine said that doesn’t like it when in a morbid state of his “bother” their care family and prefers to fight the disease alone. “Home know now I better not touch, and therefore even the cat tries to stay away from me!” — said Yuri.

To somehow escape from his condition, the singer has been watching television, but according to him, brought him a disappointment. Fans wished the actor speedy recovery and good health.