Yuri Loza ready to go on “the Eurovision” in Kiev

Юрий Лоза готов поехать на «Евровидение» в Киев The musician does not exclude that possibility. However, Yuri Loza has a number of requirements to the contest organizers if they want to see it in a number of participants. Singer of the hit “the Raft” still hopes that he will provide special conditions.

      Popular song contest “Eurovision” next year will be held in Kiev. Despite the fact that it is still unknown who will go to represent our country in Ukraine, a well-known musician Yuri Loza has already expressed its willingness to amaze the country with their talent. Moreover, he put forward a number of requirements that have to be considered by the organizer of a large-scale competition, if an artist suddenly want to take part in the competition.

      “I can go, but can and want are two different things. Who can go to Eurovision? Answer – any Russian artist. I am also an artist, so I can too. But do I want to – is another question. There can go any musician with a normal Russian song! I will travel under certain conditions. First, Ukraine has progarantirovalo security at the state level. Second, I’m going to sing in Russian a Russian song or not. Thirdly, in front of me will not succeed,” said Vine.

      However singer of the hit “the Raft” noted that none of its mandatory conditions cannot be fulfilled, so he refuses to participate in such events.

      Yury Loza quite a long time did not indulge fans with new hits. The last time the actor is famous for his straightforward statements about show business: how Russian and foreign. On a small raft: the most scandalous remarks Yuri Loza

      The musician is very worried about the modern national stage and trying to encourage all the artists to preserve their identity. Moreover, he believes that the participants of the competition do not put the win above all else. Yuri Loza was of the opinion that it is necessary to show a beautiful song in his native language and hoped for preferential treatment from the organizers of “Eurovision”.

      “And if I ensure that I too can go, just like any other artist. We have a bunch of artists, composers, poets, we all have, just we somehow don’t use. And do not say to the world that we are able to do,” said Vine with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.