Yuri Loza outraged by a new moniker of Igor Krutoy

Юрий Лоза возмущен новым прозвищем Игоря Крутого The composer didn’t understand why colleague called “the godfather”. So in the broadcast of “One day” described Cool. Vine tried to understand the motives of the creators of the program.
Юрий Лоза возмущен новым прозвищем Игоря Крутого

Yuri Loza monitors the progress of other colleagues in show business. The composer often expresses his point of view on the personal page in a social network. Last weekend on NTV channel showed a programme “One day” with the participation of Igor Krutoy. According to the editors of the transmission, the famous author of the songs is “the godfather of the Russian show-business”. Vine, surprised by such a position. He hastened to share the reasoning.

Юрий Лоза возмущен новым прозвищем Игоря Крутого“On the channel NTV Igor Krutoy called the “godfather of the Russian stage”. I don’t know whether this matched the title with the composer himself, but the finish remains ambiguous. And the point here is this. If zealous of TV personality of don Corleone from the novel by Mario Puzo, filigree issued by Francis Coppola, is an absolutely positive and worthy of emulation, to me it does not seems. For example, an episode where for the sake of pushing his actor father, mafia ordered to cut off the head of a favorite horse of the shrew the producer and to throw the head to him in bed, characterizes this character is not from the best side. Maybe NTV-schnick know something, but judging by their statement, Igor Krutoy controls the stage about the same, with the same methods. Or I again not so understood?” – said the Vine.

Followers of the Vine felt that on the Russian stage just don’t have that hero, there is already a Diva, the king of pop and Empress. According to others, the godfather previously called Joseph Kobzon.

In the program “Once” Cool told me a lot about working with other artists. According to the composer, many celebrities suffer from mood swings. For example, Alla often behaves differently. “If she wants to make happy the whole company, in which it will, then six and a half minutes everything will die with laughter, but if she wants to do the opposite, she will manage it too”, – shared her Cool.

Igor Krutoy spoke about the difficult nature of Pugacheva

Also in the transfer of Igor Krutoy remembered a close relationship with the legendary baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky and admitted that he considers it essential and shared the pride recorded together with the Opera prima Anna Netrebko, an internationally recognized album.