Yuri Loza: “Olga Buzova — pie with nothing!”

Юрий Лоза: «Ольга Бузова — пирожок ни с чем!»
The musician likened the singer with octopus Paul.

Юрий Лоза: «Ольга Бузова — пирожок ни с чем!»

Olga Buzova

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Yuri Loza

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Yuri Loza harshly criticized Olga Buzova for her new
project. Recall, recently it became known that Buzova launches Buzar and
own cryptocurrency. The musician was outraged and recalled in an interview with the Fifth
the channel that the artist, in contrast, has no economic
education, therefore, “unable to understand” what is cryptocurrency
and how it works. The launch of the platform the jury called “a crazy idea”,
the singer just needed to “warm up” to his interest.

you ever hear a strong statement from people like Buzova,
understand that they have other people who are doing it
PR. They told her to voice such crazy terms
common sense idea. Buzova not cut even close
how can function cryptocurrency, — said Yuri Loza.
— Buzova is a pie with nothing. She is in there
filling, only a beautiful shell. What is she a popular singer? It
just popular as popular can be anything. Octopus Paul,
for example.”

Now netizens are watching with interest the development of
events. Because such approval is unlikely to pass unnoticed. And if Olga,
being at the peak of popularity, most likely, won’t turn on words Vine no
attention, fans of the star will soon bring down the truth-seekers “thunder
and lightning”.