Yuri Loza gave advice to Alexander Panajotova before the “Eurovision”

Юрий Лоза дал советы Александру Панайотову перед «Евровидением» Famous musician explained, what number should be put to the artist to impress the jury. Finalist show “Voice” stated in the short list of applicants for participation in the international competition.

      Popular musician Yuri Loza has a great experience in show business. According to the actor, who today marks 63 years on the modern stage not many worthy representatives. Vine admits that at the moment, the TV dictates what kind of music worth listening to people. He is the star of the 90s trying not to watch these concerts on the main Federal channels.

      However, Yuri Eduardovich closely followed the choice of the applicant from Russia to participate in “Eurovision”. The contest will be held in 2017 in Kiev. Users of social networks are actively discussing the shortlist, which got Elena Temnikova, Daria Antonyuk, Alexander Panayotov, Turkish SOPRANO and Nyusha. Vine believes that the future of the talent contest Russia will need to hit the public. Temnikova struggling with panajotovym for the right to act on “Eurovision”

      “Alexander sings well, no more. On the competition he can only help one thing: if he send not to win, but simply to represent their country. Suppose he is Russian, not foreigners will write a song, put a number and even our costume designers to sew. Let him show the world that Russia has its own music stage and identity. Even if he wins, he won’t need anyone but Russia,” said Yury Eduardovich.

      According to Vines, of the performers who sing in English, so native artists no one there waiting. The musician remembered how things stood after one song contest “Eurovision”.

      “When he beat Dima Bilan, he did not go on tour in Europe, he went to Syktyvkar, because in Europe have enough of their singers, they are not surprised songs, written by the British and the Swedes. In our country do not understand, sorry”, – shared his point of view composer.

      By the way, Yury Eduardovich does not waive performances abroad. Admitted as a musician, despite the difficult economic situation, he continues to put on a show.

      “I’m still touring. Of course, the crisis has affected the marketability of tickets for all artists, but the concerts still there. Soon I will have two concerts abroad,” – said the Vine “Interlocutor”.