Yuri Loza expressed a desire to go on “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev

Юрий Лоза изъявил желание поехать на «Евровидение-2017» в Киев

“Eurovision-2017” will be held in Kyiv (Ukraine). Song contest, which typically attracts an audience of millions, next year could break multiple records. First, to participate in the competition expressed a desire to 43 countries, and secondly, the show may be the largest number of spectators.

The names of most of the artists who come to Kiev, yet to be named. Not decided on the party of Ukraine. Doesn’t know who to send, and Russia. Earlier it was proposed to send to Kiev Sergei Shnurov. Now the desire to represent the country expressed Yuri Loza.

“I can go, but can and want are two different things. Who can go to Eurovision? Answer — any Russian artist. I am also an artist, so I can too. But do I want to — is another question. There can go any musician with a normal Russian song! I will travel under certain conditions. First, Ukraine has progarantirovalo security at the state level. Second, I’m going to sing in Russian a Russian song or not. Thirdly, in front of me will not succeed,” said Vine.

What do you think, should I send the performer of the hit “Float” at such a serious event?