Юрий Лоза раскритиковал сборную РФ после победы над Испанией Singer believes that the victory of the Russian team was accidental, but the Spanish team did not act harmoniously. Yuri Loza I am sure that this match will give the fans a hell. Despite an exit in the quarter finals of the world Cup, the artist sharply expressed in the address of our athletes.

No biting comments Yuri Loza does not pass, perhaps no other large-scale event. So, on the eve of a 64-year-old singer again sharply expressed in the address of the triumphant Russian national team match against Spain. Despite the Grand victory of our players and reaching the quarter-finals, the artist called the game “tedious and tiring”.

According to singer, the Spanish team was unable to fully demonstrate their skills. Yuri noticed that the enemy team was “confusion and vacillation”. Perhaps due to the recent change of coach.

“There will be many more opinions about this match. I have read online that this match, as this will show football fans in hell. He’s got a long, tedious, tedious. We hit on goal for the entire second half and extra time and only won due to a penalty. Don’t have a team that is not hitting a shot to win, but that’s football,” said Vine.

Yesterday on penalties, the Russian team inflicted a crushing blow on target of the Spanish national team. A long-awaited victory, which is not believed by many, has allowed our country for the first time to go to the quarter finals of the world Cup. Literally a minute after the triumph of the Russian celebrities began to Express my gratitude to the athletes.

The historic match took place on the field of the Moscow stadium “Luzhniki”, gathered several thousand fans. To get to the quarter finals of the Russian national team has helped not only the faith of the fans, but also unsurpassed Igor Akinfeev – on penalties goalkeeper parried two penalty kicks from the Spain squad by Iago and Koke of Aspasa. The goalkeeper immediately after the game his emotions with subscribers.

“The devastation! The joy of victory! Saw the second half, stoppage time, we defended. The fans thank you so much. Before the tournament I said: we should unite. And we did it!” – written by the goalkeeper.

However, some skeptics, this victory did not convince in the skill of the team. Among them – Yuri Loza, who believes that Spain just wasn’t in the best shape.

“The team needs to work as a single body. It’s not the Spaniards, which we were afraid. And even these Spaniards have we had to win, they attacked our goal, but, apparently, the land helps. Apparently, we are rooting and praying more,” said Vine in an interview with “RIA Novosti”.