Юрий Лоза пожаловался на туалеты Голландии

Over the past few months Yuri Loza forced to talk about himself.

And all because of unflattering remarks about the great musicians of our time, who forever changed the world of music. But now not about it.

Singer of the hit “the Raft” travels the world and recently appeared in the Netherlands. As he confessed to Yuri, at the hotel he decided to save money and took off in the city center, a nice duplex apartment with a terrace and other facilities. That’s just those “convenience” brought the Vine more trouble than pleasure. In particular, the musician complained of the small size of the toilet, whose door had to stay open to fit in the room.

In social networks Vine complained about this, and the post was accompanied by quite eloquent photo.

Юрий Лоза пожаловался на туалеты Голландии

“Just returned from Holland. This time we decided not to pay for a hotel and rented an apartment. Found her in the centre, two-storey, with terrace and private entrance, also inexpensive. Entered late in the evening. The first thing that immediately strained, it is a narrow spiral staircase, so steep that to go down on her before I three days never once did not dare — only backwards, holding on to overcome the steps, ” he wrote on his page in Facebook. The second — a toilet, to sleep in which was possible only with the door open, but otherwise the legs just had nowhere to go!”

As you think, no harm if this revelation on the part of the jury?

By the way, for his words about the members of the legendary The Beatles and The Rolling Stones Vine was justified, noting that he was misunderstood.

“Fans on my statements differently. Some write: “well Done! Thanks, I thought so myself always.” Other: “When will you shut up? Fuck you. How dare you say that Ringo Starr was a bad drummer!” Well, how dare I? I would work it did not take. He played in a great team. It is included in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll on the right. Yes, it’s a great Ringo Starr, who at one time was part of the Beatles. He made an enormous contribution to the music, I agree. But I would have him take as his nobody took on the job after the collapse of the four”, — says the Vine.

“I’m not saying that the Beatles are not great music, not talking about the contribution to the art. But I as a professional can judge another professional. For example, this guitarist can play, but this will not. So, Quincy Jones invited van Halen to play for Michael Jackson on solo, because he’s a professional. And he didn’t invite Keith Richards. Why? Because he will not play solo”, — continues the Russian contractor.

“I just said: “let’s not plump!” Because even the great Jimmy page degrades in the yard of the guitarist, as he smokes, drinks and prickly. After 77, the year he without a bottle not photographed, drinking whiskey from the bottle. And then nothing can not be played. I dare to say this? Well, if people can brew unrestrained, why can’t I say about it? If he, stoned in an arc, can’t take three notes on stage. I have a collection of photos and videos, after which you highly doubted that the great, really great. What to say about Jim Morrison? Yes, he’s a great musician at some point. But when he is drunk near the microphone on the stage, I can’t consider him an artist because he can’t extract a single note. What should I do? Pray to him?” — argues his criticism of Yuri.


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