Юрий Лоза сравнил Ольгу Бузову с осьминогом Composer criticized the new high-tech project of the presenter. Recently Olga Buzova announced the creation of personal cryptocurrency and shared other grandiose plans with the public. Yuri Loza doubt the ability of the girl.

Mid-week, television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency, named in her honor, and online platforms BUZAR. “Welcome to my world, where I not only open the world of other men, but possible in the system of the blockchain”, – said the girl at the press conference. According to star, she’s full of plans and not going to stop technology. In the near future Olga also intends to engage in the restaurant business and beauty.

Olga Buzova announced grandiose plans to conquer the world

Reporters contacted Mr. Vine, commented on the initiative of the colleagues on show-to business. The composer has doubts about the viability of a startup Olga and criticizes her vocal abilities. According to Vines, in place of the presenter could be anyone.

“Buzova is a pie with nothing. Inside her there’s no filling, only a beautiful shell. What the fuck is she a popular singer? She’s just popular as popular can be anything. Octopus Paul, for example,” said Vine in a recent interview.

The idea of starting critobulus Buzcoin artist considers “delusional”. According to Vines, Buzova just wants once again to attract attention. The composer is convinced that Olga there are other people professionally involved in the promotion.

“If you ever hear a strong statement from people like Buzova, understand that they have other people who do her PR. They told her to sound this crazy in terms of a common sense idea,” shared Vine with journalists.

By the way, experts in the field of IT-technologies was skeptical about the statement Buzova. Advisor to the President of Russia on development of the Internet Herman Klimenko also could not pass an ambitious startup. “Olga Buzova stated that it will release a cryptocurrency Buzcoin. Take care of yourself and your loved ones in General”, – he wrote in the Telegram channel.

Users of social networks differently perceived resonance news. Some remembered the founder of the financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi and compared his company with startup Buzova. According to them, bitcoin stars makes no sense, and the tokens will be created for the personal enrichment of a group of people behind the project. Critics of the initiative Volha doubt that she has the necessary knowledge in the field of IT. The same view is held and Yuri Loza. “Buzova not cut even close to how can function cryptocurrency”, he said in a recent interview with the Fifth channel.