Yuri Loza and fans ganged up on Leps due to obscene songs

Юрий Лоза и поклонники ополчились на Лепса из-за матерной песни New song artist caused outrage. Last week, Leps submitted a track dedicated office workers with the provocative title. Previously, the artist almost never used profanity in his work. The alleged hit was faced with serious criticism.

Last week there was a new song of Grigory Leps “…big faces”. The composition was not quite standard for the artist, as the text meets the Mat. The opinions of fans of Leps were divided: some felt that the track will undoubtedly be one of the favorite among the audience; others, however, blasted the singer.

“Always loved his work, and now even somehow not on itself”, “not dare to sing it,” “What genius? Does the topic of office workers and unwinds. And that’s the genius”, “Dubious work for the believer”, “My life will never be the same. A fan of Grigory Viktorovich six years. Was not expecting this. When listened, eyes on a forehead have got,” wrote in the comments.

One of the most ardent critics of the new track of Leps was Yuri Loza. The composer reacted strongly to the use of obscene language by the singer.

“Mat no relation to creative work by and large has not. Profanity is only used by bums who drink behind the barn. Listen to the story zhvanetskogo “the Bomber”. There is, in fact, no Mat – some hints. This is the greatest art. And when an artist mother, he is likened to the most marginal homeless. Let Leps even his new song sing to the child as a lullaby. And then this kid will send him to hell. And he has no right to tell him, “Where did you get that one?!” – because he uses a Mat”, – shared the Vine.

Earlier in the Russian show business Mat used by the artists of the group “Leningrad”. Sergei Neighbors suggested that Gregory decided to experiment.

“Leps failed. Look how wildly popular the “Leningrad”. After the Mat has become a kind of norm on the stage. Recently shown at the anniversary concert of Garik Sukachev, where he uses strong words. They are not “topical”. Pugacheva has long sang obscene limericks in the Kremlin. And the way the Leps obscene language does not interfere. Yes, it is somewhat departed from the usual genre. And that’s fine. Artists need to do to bring in a fresh wave,” noted a critic in an interview with “Express newspaper”.