Yuri Krupnov has led the arguments in favor of a tax on small families

Юрий Крупнов привел доводы в пользу налога на малодетность Social activist explained why Russia needs such measures. According Krupnova, the country is very sad demographic situation. He hoped that by 2018, such payments will already take place in the state Treasury.
Юрий Крупнов привел доводы в пользу налога на малодетность

The public was outraged by the news that Russia plans to impose a tax on small families. With this proposal the government asked Yuri Krupnov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development. Public figure says on the subject.

“We are talking about citizens of 25 years to retirement age. The amount of tax – 0.5% of wages. Receive 30 000 – please, give me 150 rubles in the Treasury. It is clear that these meager payments do not encourage people to breed more intense, but will help families who have three children or more. Why, you ask? They say that I am Pasha as a horse, and must contain someone’s offspring? And I’ll tell you: if the war starts, who are you going to protect? Correctly, these same children. So help them to grow!

The trouble is that our government that year, feeding people stories that the birth rate in Russia is growing, and it’s not true! We are now the demographic situation – without tears will not look. If we maintain the pace to give birth, a hundred years, our nation will disappear from the face of the earth. Essentially a tax on small families can be reformulated in payment to large families – meaning does not change. If people will understand it, will cease to be angry, that someone makes to give birth, it is not so, we’re the humane society. But then I have been calling that I urge people to reproduce…

If a person does not acquires offspring due to the fact that it is not health itself, and with it the tax take won’t, but it will be necessary to provide medical opinions. I really hope that by the next presidential election in 2018, the tax on small families has already come into force,” – says Krupnov.