Yuri Kolokolnikov wife, personal life

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

One of the most popular actors of theatre and cinema Yury Kolokolnikov (1980) has in its film library of over 80 films. About his personal life, he does not like to talk, however, coming to the contest (2016) the most stylish people in Russia, not one, and with former model and singer Laporte D. (1986), he showed that he has a new relationship. Journalists and admirers of talent of the famous artist regarded it unequivocally: “Diane — the civil wife of Yuri Kolokolnikov.”

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

Yuri Kolokolnikov

The personal life of the artist

About Diana Ramos Laforte we know only that she was born in Leningrad, graduated from school, enrolled in the Russian North-Western Academy of state service of the Russian Federation. Her “model” height (180 cm) and excellent external data brought the girl to the podium. After working as a model she became an advocate in the composition of the Russian-Finnish rock band under the leadership of V. Drobysh.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Yury Kolokolnikov and Dayana Ramos Laforte

Before I met Diana, a popular actor a few years was in a serious relationship with K. Rappoport. As a result of these, quite a long relationship, the star couple had more children: Sofia was born Yurievna Kolokolnikov (2011), which is very similar to his father. The girl was recognized on the street and take pictures of complete strangers, which, according to parents, should be treated with caution.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

Yuri Kolokolnikov daughter

About my personal life Yuri says little: “I’m a man monogamous. That animals can change their partners, and people find love once and for life… with your loved one, you can accumulate love to infinity.” Artists and celebrities do not reveal their personal relationship. But the novel is Yuri with the beautiful Ksenia Rappoport became the subject of controversy his many fans. The civil wife of Yuri Kolokolnikov — Ksenia six years older than him.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Yury Kolokolnikov and Ksenia Rappoport

Xenia Rappoport has two children: a daughter from his first marriage — Aglaya Darya Tarasova and Sofia Yurievna Kolokolnikov. The great popularity and utilization are strengthened personal relationship of the star couple. Famous artists have long lived apart, one in Moscow and another in St. Petersburg. In 2014, Yuri was invited to the USA for the role of Styr — magnar of the thenns in the television series “Game of thrones”.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

Yuri Kolokolnikov in the TV series “Game of thrones”

2015 popular artists together is not seen. More recently, however, Yuri took K. Rappoport perfect gift — a house in Italy. Xenia loves this Sunny country, so the artist is very meticulous about choosing the house, which must necessarily be by the sea and to be hidden from the prying eyes of journalists.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

Ksenia Rappoport

Personal biography of Yuri and Ksenia again made a sharp turn. In the fall of Yuri Kolokolnikov suggested Ksenia Rappoport and her daughters to go to a joint trip to Italy. It’s obvious that famous artists have restored their relationship.

 Юрий Колокольников жена, личная жизнь

Kseniya Rappoport and her daughter Aglaya Tarasova

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