Юрий Колокольников сделал шикарный подарок Ксении Раппопорт Not so long ago in the capital showed the film “Ice” with famous actress and her daughter Aglaia Tarasova. At a social event attended by the ex-lover of Ksenia Rappoport, Yuriy Kolokolnikov. According to some, he bought a house abroad.

Recently in Moscow hosted the premiere of the film “Ice” with Aglaia Tarasova, Miloš Bykowicz and Alexander Petrov. The premiere was attended by ex-beloved Ksenia Rappoport and Yuri Kolokolnikov. The pair posed together for photographers that sparked rumors about their reunion. Whether this is so, is not known. Kolokolnikov and Rappaport do not like to attract too much attention to his personal life.

According to journalists, Yuri took Ksenia’s gorgeous gift – the house by the sea in the Italian town of San Felice Circeo. It is known that Rappoport is a big fan of this country. It is argued that Kolokolnikov carefully chose the house specifically looking for a place to hide from prying eyes.

“Xenia market has sellers of vegetables and snacks. And, she seems to have realized that the local mozzarella di bufala – the most delicious cheese on the planet! And we have the perfect entry into the sea is a Paradise for kids,” he shared with correspondents of local resident Mary Vaber.

According to that received wide publicity in the fall Kolokolnikov suggested Rappoport and daughters to travel to Italy. There’s something the actor and informed about your purchase. Apparently, the enthusiasm of Ksenia and her heirs was not the limit. After that, as suggested by the journalists, the artists decided to reunite.

Close to Xenia and Yuri are reluctant to talk about their relationship. Surrounded by actors do not exclude that they could to get reacquainted.

“For quite a while they were in limbo – whether together or apart. Probably finally realized that you created for a friend. My grandfather even afraid to have something to believe or too much to say. We have a family as follows: my husband and I don’t pry into personal relations of the daughter and eldest granddaughter,” – said Irina, Ksenia’s mother.

During the conversation with journalists of “Express newspaper” the woman added, that is good to Yuri Kolokol’nikov, but can’t understand why he did not register the relationship with Rappaport.

It is possible that the gift Kolokolnikov is just a sign of attention, and the question of reunification. It is known that Xenia has a daughter of actor, who was born in January 2011. After Rappoport broke up with peers, she was fascinated by the restaurateur Dmitry Borisov. In 2016, friends of the couple said that they legalized relationships. “They are officially married, but do not want to advertise. Dima familiar nineteen years old, he invited me to the opening of the “Rubinstein”, where, of course, was with Xenia”, – told “StarHit” the leader of the group “Auktyon” Leonid Fedorov.