Yuri Kolokolnikov became acquainted with the hero of the comic

Юрий Колокольников познакомился с героем комикса
The fashion festival Comic Con Russia 2017 first saw the new NTV.

Юрий Колокольников познакомился с героем комикса

Yuri Kolokolnikov

Photo: PR NTV

Last weekend, NTV for the first time presented their
projects at Comic Con Russia 2017. The most vivid exhibition of all
new pop culture, there are two series from the new content channel:
“Shameless” and “countdown.”

Starring in the series “countdown” Yuri Kolokolnikov, who gladly posed with one of the heroes of the comic book, told
about the project with their participation: “We tried to give the detective genre
a certain humor. My character is very cynical, his work, of course, imposes
imprint on the character — there is no sentimentality. He is very ironic. Not
maybe not joke anything about another body. But all his bravado and cynicism
go back to the days of childhood that in one series he would return”.

The plot of the detective series, major Korsakov (Yuri
Kolokolnikov) is used in the investigative division of the police. To
he is attentive to subordinates. To criminals he is strict. In emergency situations
loses his cool. His task is not just to catch the criminal, but also to keep
the victim of the crime. Possessed by a thirst for revenge, do not want to wait for the results
official investigation or put up with them, victims or their relatives
enter on the slippery path of arbitrariness. They believe that have a moral
the right to act as judge, and sometimes executioner. For this reason, actions
Korsakov and his staff should be operational, and the evidence is iron.

The crew of the show “Shameless”

Photo: PR NTV

Presented at the festival and a new series “Shameless” to her
the output on the screen. To welcome you to the show and talk about the picture came
the actors and Director. “It was very nice to climb on the “stage villains”
our friendly team and tell about our creation. And, of course, to see
the series on the big screen”, — shared his impression of the singer one
of the main roles of Elizabeth Martinez.