Юрий Колокольников чуть не попал в сумасшедший дом The actor told how he had chosen to their liking. Kolokolnikov has spent her childhood abroad, and then returned to Russia. He jokes that the actors are very many abnormal people, so he also went to study theater in College.
Юрий Колокольников чуть не попал в сумасшедший дом

March 12, on NTV channel starts the series “countdown”. The main role in the action film was played by Yuri Kolokolnikov. The actor lives mostly in two countries. Kolokolnikov is often withdrawn both in Russian and in American projects. According to him, the USA business how it works.

“In Los Angeles industry is designed so that it really attracts the best people from around the world. It is not one city, he base, where they meet and are joined energy. We just have less resources. And don’t forget that our industry is very young. We had a great… failure, cliff, ravine — how to say? — after the restructuring. Nothing happened. People did other things — oil, for example. But I believe that we are a very fast pace and a lot of interesting people there,” – said Yuri.

Kolokolnikov was a kid in the USA, and then returned home. He grew up a Tomboy, so sometimes was a shoplifter. In recognition of the actor, he went to the theater only for one reason.

“I had two options: either crazy, or become an artist. I chose the second. At least, everything is crazy,” said Yuri.

According to Kolokolnikov, all artists have some kind of diagnosis. Movie star believes that people of creative professions are normal. He didn’t want children to become actors. “I believe that children should give first of all an internal Foundation. Internal reference points. They need to give up to a certain time, to 14 years somewhere to they are internally formed. Then they will be able to choose. Most importantly, that passion was on to something. As soon as people have a passion for something, all at once”, – said the artist.

Says Kolokolnikov, raising daughters, he had learned the most important thing is simply to love and understand. The actor tries never to speak with heirs in a raised voice, but sometimes that still happened.

“You develop however, as your children grow, you analyze and reflective, they become more confident. Screaming is usually from insecurity. You should never yell at a child, it’s stupid. Generally there’s no point screaming. Only if you just want to scream – not at anyone, but for pleasure. Then please cry,” – said Yuri in an interview with “TV Program”.