Юрий Грымов представил публике спектакль «О дивный новый мир» In the theater “Modern” held a private screening of the long-awaited production. Yury Grymov has obtained permission to transfer to the stage the novel English writer. The audience remained in awe of the Director’s ideas and brilliant game of actors.
Юрий Грымов представил публике спектакль «О дивный новый мир»

The capital’s theatergoers excited – yesterday was held a private screening of the play “brave new world”, staged by Yuri Grymov on the global bestseller by Aldous Huxley. It is noteworthy that the “Modern” became the first Russian theatre, which got the rights to the setting of the novel English writer. Fans of the Director have long been waiting for this premiere, because every offspring causes the cheering of the audience, that there is only “Flowers for Algernon”: tickets for going to Ramta performance sold out for a few months before him and every artists always ends with applause of spectators.

This time Yuriy had intended to surprise guests of the premiere on the stage of a private theatre: in December last year Grymov headed “Modern”. Six months at the helm were not in vain and the public for many years, attending the theater, could not fail to notice the changes occurred: improved quality of light due to the repainted walls, updated… the lobby was different and appearance theater: took over the position, Grymov has officially announced that he personally will not put on evening performances of people in the sports shoes and fans of his talent with an understanding attitude to the wishes of the Director on “brave new world” came mostly in evening dresses. A private screening was visited by many celebrities: actress Irina Apeksimova, Galina Petrova, Tatiana Orlova and Inga obadina, and actors Alexander Jacko, Roman Makin and many others.

Юрий Грымов представил публике спектакль «О дивный новый мир»

From the first minutes of the action on stage, thanks to a brilliant game cast, gorgeous scenery and stylish costumes, the viewer is transported into a future world where “everyone belongs to everyone”. Its inhabitants worship Zuckerberg, I love Golf and don’t recognize love. Books, experiences and doubts here too no place. To be childish here is the direct responsibility of, and be attached to people is bad manners. Imagine the surprise of local residents, among them when there was a “savage” John by Alexander Tolkachev, overwhelmed by passion for the heroine, Victoria Lukina, and not wanting to abandon the feeling for the sake of stability and serenity.

Special delight of the audience was aroused by the appearance of one of the rulers of the future world, Mustafa Mond, who played a brilliant Igor Yatsko, honored artist of the RSFSR, consummate Anna Semyonovna Kamenkova, appeared before the audience in the role of the mother of the protagonist.

Couldn’t leave people indifferent disputes the main characters about love and God, which theater-goers listened with bated breath and each time exploding with applause, it was worth to finish it. Also need to wait until Wade present spanking hero Tolmachev himself for that “dare to forget the mother and allowed the idea to take advantage of the benefits of civilization”.

At the end of the play appeared on the stage, Yuri Grymov, to greet the audience and announce that prepares them for new surprises: the Director plans to put Shakespeare’s tragedy “Julius Caesar” and several children’s plays, among which “Masha and bears” and others. The audience roar of approval responded to what was said and generous actors bouquets of flowers, sold under the strong impression of the show to the new season, which starts in the “Modern” 20th September to come back here for new emotions.