Yuri Galtseva caught in the arms of young Actresses

Юрия Гальцева застали в объятиях молодой актрисы Famous comedian Famous comedian spends time in the company of his ward’s nazarovoj. 55-year-old entertainer and 24-year-old aspiring artist even appear together at events.

      Юрия Гальцева застали в объятиях молодой актрисы

      Famous comedian and showman Yuri Galtsev is married with his wife Irina Rakshina almost 30 years. However strong the marriage bond do not interfere with the Honored artist of Russia, appearing at social events with his ward Maria Nasyrova. 24-year-old girl in St. Petersburg in the theater, which is headed by Gali, and also plays in the popular Comedy show “Anshlag”.

      55-year-old actor and 24-year-old aspiring actress appeared together on the birthday of Vyacheslav Manucharov. How did you learn to journalists, the man is a young girl as her darling. George and Maria the whole evening was kept there, sometimes excommunicated from the audience. The pair kept a low profile and did not allow himself to show any feelings towards each other. Galtsev nasyrovu invited to slow dance, which they performed with all the guests. The emergence of married men in the company of a young lady aroused genuine interest of the public.

      Юрия Гальцева застали в объятиях молодой актрисы

      The girl hails from Perm, but spends a lot of time in St. Petersburg, where he worked in the Variety Theatre. A. Raikin. In social networks Maria pictures of famous humorist flashed regularly. The girl is proud to be working with a famous artist and tries as often as possible to be in the company’tseva, not only during work.

      On the birthday of the famous artist Maria prepared a surprise and came on holiday with a bunch of balloons. Then the birthday boy went for a river cruise in the company of young wards of the theatre, among whom was Nasyrova. On the page in the social network, she shared photos of all wards’tseva looked happy.

      In December 2008, Gali was appointed artistic Director of the Variety Theatre. Raikin in Saint-Petersburg. The artist has two adult heirs – son Michael, who now lives in Kurgan, as well as 26-year-old daughter Mary from his marriage to Irina Rakshina.

      According to the publication Life.ru, Galtseva and nasyrovu see together for almost a year. The young actress spends a lot of time with the famous showman.