Юрий Дудь восхитился сексуальностью Ольги Бузовой Well-known journalist met with Basta in the pilot issue of his new project. During the conversation with a famous rapper Yuri Dude admitted that he likes the appearance of Olga Buzova. In the future video blogger would want to interview her.
Юрий Дудь восхитился сексуальностью Ольги Бузовой

31-year-old journalist Yuri Dude was a guest of the first edition of a new show Basta “Gazlive”, which is published on YouTube. Video blogger and chief editor of the sports media responded to a number of issues, including its popular web project. The rapper wished to learn from Dude, whom he would like to interview.

Yuri said that he has no plans to call me Vera Brezhnev. “Right now, no. Interesting,” the journalist said. Among those with whom he’d like to talk, Dude called Katya Klep, Alla Pugacheva and Maria Sharapova. As it turned out, Yuri did not like to interview Olga Buzova.

“Yes, of course I would have invited her in the program. How’s she after lips done? asked the Dude to baste. The girls, who know, Buzova do my lips? We often argue with the boys, I just think that as a woman recently it has become much more attractive and hot. I say: “Guys, it has become a desirable lady.” She said recently that she lived 14 months without sex (if I have not misled). As someone who once experienced a similar abstinence, I would talk with her, including about it. Then I was 18-19 years old.”
Юрий Дудь восхитился сексуальностью Ольги Бузовой

Speaking about Irina Shayk, Yuri remembered that she was with Ivan Urgant dress with a fantastic neckline. According to Duda, the model is a very beautiful woman. The journalist even took a picture Basta Irene. But the interview Shake the blogger does not want. The fact that the star of the podium shy away from the topic of ex-lover Cristiano Ronaldo. “As I understand it, it is prohibited under the terms of the contract,” explained Dude.

Basta asked the journalist why he did not publish in social networks pictures of loved ones, particularly his lady. “I wouldn’t say I hide it. I don’t post in Instagram a photo of his wife and children, because we do not like these snot”, – explained Yuri. Dude added that the wife of one of his work, and not jealous. The blogger does not keep secrets from you, lady.

“How is it? You say Ola: “Cool, when Buzova do my lips. It’s big,” asked Basta.

Then in the Studio of suddenly appeared the wife of Yuri Olga. The appearance of women became a surprise to the journalist. Fiancee Dude reacted calmly to what is happening and even joked. The jury in this case was somewhat embarrassed. “I told you guys that it will be a bad surprise,” – said Olga and went away.