Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

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The famous film Director, great actor and producer, Yury Bykov, from childhood he loved literature. His writing talent of a childhood hobby gradually grew into serious scripting for films. Yuri is married and has no children. Who is the wife of Yuriy Bykov is not known for certain because the Director doesn’t like to talk about his personal life.

Being a man of popular Yuri attracts the attention of not only their fans but also critics. Of the reality surrounding him he speaks directly and clearly: “I do Not like westernized youth who are willing to exchange our common humanity and its roots in a meaningless existence in the comfort zone”.

The wife of Yuri Bykov and his friends understand the Director’s desire to carry through its own awareness of the reality of the life, which will be reflected in his future films. In other words, Bulls are used to “uncover the truth” in its most severe manifestation. He resents the glamour and ideals of the West, which is completely focused on the domination of the “great dollar”.

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Yuri Bykov

Lucky Yury’t feel so at the moment to have children does not want. “How can you experience happiness in a country where people have no sense of confidence in their own well-being?” he says. In one interview Y. A. Bykov gave the example of his family. His mother, working in the hospital of the city of Novomichurinsk, (2013) monthly 1700 rubles, and the DWP, which is constantly worked the stepfather of the Jura, preparing to the closure.

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

On the photo: Yuri Bykov in his youth

The biography of Y. A. Bykov

Yu A. Bykov was born on 15 August 1981. His childhood and youth he spent in the town of Novomichurinsk. Remember how he lived in a small trailer. The mother of the future Director then worked in the factory, dad worked as a driver. In 1987 breadwinner went to work in Tyumen, then the child has not seen. Yura lived with his mother till 12 years, then came stepfather.

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

And although my stepfather Yuri worked hard at the plant, prosperity in the house and was not. Perhaps that is why in the movies Yuri Bykov so many “horror”. After all, we all come from childhood. The year 2005 marks the end of the study, Y. Bykov in the film and the beginning of creative activity of the actor and the Director.

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Shooting of the film by Yuri Bykov “Fool”

And here comes 2009. Yuri Bykov creates a film “the Chief”, where he was also a talented Director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He also wrote the music for the film “Head”, awarded as “Kinotavr. Short meter”. Thus began the star trek wonderful Director Y. A. Bykov. And in 2010, was filmed his feature-length film “to Live”, then, in 2013 crime drama “Major.”

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Yuri Bykov in the film “the Major”

The music and the script for these films, written by the author and directed by Yuri Bykov. In addition, he was the producer and actor in these films. It’s obvious that this brilliant home cinema just can’t make movies, not going into the work completely, with his head. The same attitude he expects from his colleagues.

		Юрий Быков: жена и дети, личная жизнь

On the photo: Yuri Bykov in the film of “the Method”

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